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  • erick4 erick4 Dec 13, 2007 10:13 AM Flag

    O-RANK VS RANK, know the difference

    Not only is Yahoo!'s definition for their OWN SYSTEM incorrect, they are BLATANTLY misleading and ignoring complaints about the (very flawed) O-Rank system.

    I sent this to Yahoo! and have only received 'form-letter' (non-personal) replies:

    "Okay--I can't BELIEVE how long I played fantasy basketball as mis-informed about some of the in-game settings, rankings, and systems as I was, nor can I believe this current system is in existence/tolerated. Since I have played in multiple public leagues & private leagues where people were just as confused as I was (and I am of above-average intelligence and have a good mind for numbers/statistics), I am assuming that you literally have more than half of Yahoo! Fantasy NBA participants having no idea what the difference between "O-Rank" and "Rank" are and how they are applicable to the different league styles. If you (technician) are not VERY, VERY FAMILIAR with Yahoo! Fantasy NBA, please pass this off to someone else.

    When you go into the "Legend" where there are brief descriptions and definitions of "O-Rank," "Rank," and various other symbols/terms, notice how it says "O-Rank:Player's overall Yahoo! Sports ranking (based on current and prior seasons)." Well, first of all, this simply is not true. All O-Rank is actually indicating is Yahoo!'s PRE-DRAFT, PRESEASON, DEFAULT player rankings. It has absolutely NO bearing on a player's fantasy performance this year, and apparently takes into account injuries and various other factors very sporadically. I want to point out the current (since they haven't changed all season, despite SPECIFICALLY SAYING that it's based on "current season" as well) "O-Ranks" of 3 particular players to partially illustrate what I am talking about.

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    • I have always disagreed with player ranking to some degree. It would be difficult or impossible to promote a ranking system that is fool-proof and that all would absolutely agree with. I am sure statistical data has a lot to do with a player's rank however it also is based off of a Yahoo employee(s) opinion as well. Just like Brandon Fundston's Big Board. Personally I can pick apart that all day long. With that you have to take these rankings with a grain of salt and use them merely as a guide to help you determine player worth. At the end of the day your gut feeling is your O ranking. Good topic though. Its refreshing to see topic like this other than. PLLLLLEAAASE RATE MY TEAM (1-10). God I hate that $hit.

    • Who cares??????? If u know the players, and know the stats, rankings mean little to nothing

    • At some point during the season the O-ranks do change. I think its sometime around the end of December that Yahoo takes a look at how everyone has been playing this season and takes that into account when formulating the updated O-ranks. They do this a few times a year and more frequently towards the end of the year. As, of now the O-ranks are simply pre-draft ranks.

      The actual rank is based on a mathematical formula that can be somewhat confusing, but in essence it ranks the player in each statistical category based on their standard deviation from the average in that category and then averages each category ranking to obtain an overall "rank." It can get really misleading for example if a player who gets limited minutes happens to have a perfect free throw and fg% and similar situations.

      The reason why the o-ranks do not change in real time is because they're not based on a mathematical formula. My guess is that Yahoo has a panel of experts that ranks how good of a fantasy prospect each player is. The o-rank is like Yahoo's best guess at what the player's rank will be at the end of the year. They take into account issues that the "rank" feature can't like whether or not the player is injury prone or just happens to be in a slump. Gilbert having an o-rank of 6 right now might look strange, but trust me they will lower his rank significantly when they do their first midseason o-rank reassessment.

      I hope this explanation helps.

    • I think you did the right thing, Jeff

    • erick...i'd be interested on your views on the subject "nash for melo" under "commish topic"

    • That's fine, but Yahoo! doesn't define O-Rank as being "predicted." If you read my letter to them, you will see I suggested that they rename it to something along those lines.

      DDW--you seem to have a good understanding of how to interpret these rankings, and that's good, but my focus here is that most people have absolutely no idea what they're looking at, and Yahoo! isn't providing accurate information as to that fact. Clearly, we are not the most casual of fantasy players, and we can figure this stuff out, but Yahoo! should make it easier for everyone.

    • thus it is their opinion for the rank given to him for the CURRENT season as well as past seasons...just like eddy curry...people couldnt believe where he was in the ranking because early he was averaging 19 point 9 boards....doing good......and they'v made mistakes such as... frye....lol

    • I'm sorry, guy, but simply telling someone that something is fact isn't good enough. Does Yahoo! have a list somewhere of their pre-season O-Rankings? That would be an easy way to solve this. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find one. Nobody has a perfect memory. Also, if player's O-Ranks have gone up, why haven't some gone down??

    • i would bet my house on shaq not playing a full season...and yeas that is why they list o-rank and rank....prediction and actual

    • im telling you its fact....ronnie brewer was ranked below martell webster and whats his current o rank?...just because they are playing well now doesnt mean yahoo predicted them too..they were low ranked because before this season really what have they done fantasy wise?

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