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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 13, 2007 9:34 AM Flag

    pick up FA gilbert arenas?

    someone in my league dropped arenas when he went down so I picked him up even though there is about 3 months before he is back, My team is strong enough to hold it down but I was wondering if anyone thought he was going to make a great comeback?

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    • I got Gil and am 1st in my league. My team has been holding it down and I've been playing the waivers successfully. Stash him on the bench if you got a playoff system. That's the only reason I'm holding onto him. Drop him if any new negative info comes out on his injury.

    • Gilberts trash, the guy dropped him for a reason. hes going to have the knee problem all year and for the rest of his career, i wouldnt hold your expectations too high for him.

    • the main question i was asking was is arenas worth a spot on a roster given my situation, its a legit question, and in no way unintelligent. i wanted other people's opinions and maybe experiences with the situation, i know only time will tell how he does when he comes back but i also wanted to see what other people thought.

    • I love how you say I'm trying to start a fight, then all you do is babble personal insults. What's next, calling me a fag? You are original, hilarious, and intelligent. I'm not being sarcastic. ;)

    • No, but I like pointing out when people ask stupid questions, at their own fault. There is nothing anyone can tell you here that you won't be able to find out for yourself when he starts playing again. Since there is, literally, ZERO RISK, why do you even ask these questions? I'm sorry if you think I was trying to start a fight, I will try to be less confrontational. I am just trying to make you THINK about what you're reading/writing.

    • I know i am automatially in the playoffs, i asked if i should keep him because i dont know how he will perform later in the season/playoffs, and if he is worth a spot in both the season and playoffs.

      do you usually start online message board fights, and do they make you feel better about yourself.

    • or maybe, just MAYBE, you do research (as I have) and you also get the opinion of the public (and take it with a grain of salt) and then make your opinion taking into consideration all things considered. im sorry if that seems like a lot to take in for you but remember, knowledge is power and education is key. so go to school. dumbass

    • Just so you know Peabody---

      It doesn't matter AT ALL if you pick up Arenas right now or not!! Yahoo! Fantasy NBA leagues have only 1 playoff option, and that is for 6 teams. So, guess what, you're in the playoffs no matter what, even if you finish last, so you should OBVIOUSLY KEEP ARENAS for the playoffs. Poor guy, absolute lack of logistical know-how

    • Gilbert's Catch-22 - he will be a free agent next year. I am from DC and all indication points to after the All-Star break or end of February (Week #16 or #18 of Yahoo League).

      Gilbert wants to come back to improve his market value but if he gets hurt again - his value will bottom out. The Wizards wants to sign him now while his value is low - and if successful in signing him before next year - will be bad for fantasy owners.

      If the Wizards is out of the playoff - Arenas will not play. If still in the playoff hunt - will probably not play Arenas as much during the last several weeks to rest him for the playoffs and develop their younger players (N.Young, Blatche, R.Mason) for experience going into the playoffs, In short - he will return eventually but will probably not be the stud (limited playing time) until during the NBA playoffs.....

    • Even if he isn't 100% when he comes back he will make a huge impact. He demands the ball and will put up numbers if hes on the court. The only thing you have to decide is if you can win for 3 months without him. If you are head-to-head remember you only need to make the playoffs to win the championship. He'll be huge on your roster in the playoffs if you can get there with him taking up a spot on your team.


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