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  • ok so this year i decided to branch off from fantasy football and give basketball a try. No success, im currently in last place. Here is my roster, please assist me in any way. All help would be greatly appreciated

    PG Louis Williams

    SG Jamal Crawford

    G Dwyane Wade

    SF Vince Carter

    PF Boris Diaw

    F Sean Williams

    C Andray Blatche

    C Andrew Bynum

    Util Ben Gordon

    Util Ben Wallace

    BN Andrew Bogut

    BN Chris Paul

    BN Shawne Williams

    some people on the WW whom ive been looking at include:

    Antoine Walker
    Reggie Evans
    Jarrett Jack
    JR Smith
    Sam Cassell
    Brandon Bass
    Kurt Thomas
    Vladimir Radmanovic
    Linas Kleiza
    Wally Szczerbiak

    any of those worth a spot?..if so who should i drop? who should i look to trade? buy low? sell high?

    thanks again

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    • Well first off if this is regular yahoo league, paul should be starting PG always not williams ever..... wasting a spot at end of year. Crawford is a solid keep, carter is slumping I traded him off for Kamen, Wade is obvious, Gordon will come around, you are looking for too much upside with Sean williams and Blatche, keep one get rid of one, don't matter who, it's a gut call. But you def need to get rid of Wallace and Diaw in a trade they are big name garbage players, Diaw was good 1 year but average this year, do a 2 for 1 with them. Also you are short on threes so look for one in FA Korver? Farmar?

    • Look at who is getting a lot of minutes. Then based on the minutes look to see what stats u need the most. Basketball is totally different from Football. I'm having trouble in Basketball right now too, so I'm looking at who's starting and getting minutes. And from those minutes who is putting up good numbers. I look for guys getting double digit points, and close to double digit rebounds. I know its nothing solid, but thats pretty much what I've learned playing fantasy basketball.

    • anything yet?


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