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  • joe joe Oct 30, 2007 11:30 AM Flag

    How's this team?

    It's a 9-cat H2H league and I have the following team:

    PG Mo Williams
    SG R. Felton
    SF A. Iguodala
    PF P. Gasol
    C Y. Ming
    Util E. Okafor
    Util C. Maggette
    BN R. Gay
    BN C. Kaman
    BN M. Dunleavy
    BN S. O'Neal
    BN T. Murphy
    BN S. Cassell
    BN Ronnie Brewer

    I think I'm pretty good at %s as all my big men shoot over 50% and have decent FT%s. Shaq shoots pretty bad FTs but I won't start him enough for him to hurt me that much that it would offset Maggette's great %s and high volume of free throw shots. I also have some sleepers and breakout candidates in Gay, Murphy, Brewer, and Dunleavy and Cassell should be serviceable. Also, though I lack true PGs, I have players in positions to put up assists in unlilkely positions with Gasol already averaging 4 a game, Yao capable of putting up 4 a game under Adelman, my SF Iguodala putting up 6 a game from last year, and Felton as my SG giving me anywhere in between 7 and 8 per game (especially with J-Rich on that team). I think I'm good on steals and blocks due to my versatile and athletic players (Gay, Iguodala, all my guards). Is there anywhere you can see that I would need an improvement or any way you can see my team improving? (I was thinking of shipping Shaq for a PG when he starts putting up monster numbers with D-Wade out). Thanks guys.


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