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  • Johnny River Punk Johnny River Punk Sep 1, 2014 3:24 PM Flag

    Trapped in a league, Bad commish ! Advice...??

    So I joined a " custom league " last week. I liked the settings, amount of teams ( 10 ) drat day and time worked for me, All good. 30 mins before the draft, Commish changes the draft time to 4 hours later. Strike one. I made time for the draft, changed plans, etc... Being patient, I show up for the draft but there are only 6 teams instead of the 10 we were promised, Strike 2. Not one MGR was at the draft, Strike 3. I have posted messages on the league board with no replies....From anyone. Total ghost town. I emailed Yahoo and asked if they could delete the league or contact the commish to see #$%$ !?? Yahoo said they do not meddle in the affairs of private custom leagues. Nothing went the way it was supposed to go. Certainly NOT what I signed up for...What to do ? Trapped and it sucks.

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    • if the league has an odd number of managers, or not enough managers, or if the commish decides he wants more managers 30 min before draft time, yahoo will not complete your draft. the commish then needs to reschedule it, and you HAVE to reschedule at least 2 hrs in advance. Also as a side note, when yahoo cancelles your draft for one of those reasons they reset your draft to auto pick and give it a random time, usually in the middle of the night. the commish must go in change it back to live draft, and reschedule it. if they dont know this things get messed up. i had to reschedule 3 times yesterday! took 7 hours to get 16 managers. first it was 15, thats a no go. then 14, that wouldve drafted but i had to stop it because the scoring system was set uo for 16. then 15 again. finally draft started at 8:30pm. was originally scheduled for 1:30. however if those managers joined a live draft they shouldve been there.

    • join my league. its just for fun. need members. draft at 8:00 and i won't change it til 4 hours later like that commish.

    • Ignore it and move on. Learn from it...definitely don't ever join a random league if there is money involved either. Chalk it up as a free lesson.

    • I need 1 for my draft tonight - still looking for a league?

    • Thanks fellas. Yeah, Moving on. Guess I just needed to vet to folks who play the same game...Good luck !

    • Unfortunately, unless the commish chooses to replace you at your request, just ignore the league and get a new one. It's very unfortunate that there are leagues like that out there, but for every bad one there are 4 or 5 good ones just waiting for owners. My bro in-law is looking for a few more owners in a free 10 team 0.5 ppr league at 6:30 pm est. today if you're interested. Check it out. I have a post about a few below your post here.

    • Um, ignore that league and get another team then join another league


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