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    IR roster spots

    How do these work? What are rules for putting players on IR and when can a manager remove a player from IR?

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    • From Yahoo Help article SLN6425:

      Managers can add a player to an IR roster spot only if the player has IR status, and only if your league uses the IR as a roster position.

      Timing: Players will be made eligible for the IR position in Fantasy Football as soon as possible after they are placed there in real life. Please note that this may not occur until the morning following the transaction, during our nightly system update, although we strive to change their status sooner than that.

      - Players with NA (Not Active) or PUP (Physically Unable to Perform) status cannot be used in an IR spot.
      - The IR roster spot itself is not visible on a manager's team, unless the league uses the IR roster position and until the manager moves a player with the IR status to their IR roster spot.

      Activating a player from the IR

      The NFL recently reached agreement with the Players Association to allow one player per season to be activated from the Injured Reserve list.

      In order to activate a player from your Fantasy IR, your roster must have an opening for an active player. You will need to drop a player from your roster in order to make room to activate a player.

      The exception to this would be if you have another player on your roster eligible for the IR. If that is the case, you may move the player currently on your Fantasy IR to an active roster position and replace him with another player eligible for the IR.

      Note: Once on the IR, a player may stay there for the entire season, even if they return to real-life action. However, once a player comes off the real-life IR, you will not be able to complete any transactions that involve adding a player to your team until you remove them from your team's IR.


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