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  • Brandon Brandon Aug 23, 2014 12:02 PM Flag

    Schedule Generation

    I seem to remember yahoo generating the head to head schedule after the draft takes place in fantasy football. Is this still the case? Right now(pre draft) the schedule seems to be based on when managers joined the league. Thanks!

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    • No, Yahoo generates the schedule before the draft but the Commish can edit the schedule.
      As Eulogys said, you should definitely edit the schedule if you have divisions and you want a balanced schedule.

    • Do not use yahoo's schedule if you are using divisions. I've yet to have a league where yahoo generated a schedule where each team in the divisions played each other the same amount games had the same number of divisional games. My 10 team league(2 5-team divisions) would play each other in the division 2x and each team from the other division 1x. yet yahoo would end up having a few teams playing teams in the other division 2x while only some teams in their own division 1x. 12 team (3 4-team divisions) are even worse.

      I'd suggest using some other sites to generate your schedule and have the commissioner edit the schedule.


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