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  • Conor Conor Aug 23, 2014 10:47 AM Flag

    Draft setup question. Please help

    I have set up the live online draft. If someone can't be online for it, will it autopick for them after the 1:15 second time limit is up ? And secondly, when setting the draft order, do I have the ability to invert ? Thanks

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    • Anyone not able to attend the live draft will have their picks made by Yahoo according to their Pre Draft Settings. They should set them and then run through a few mock drafts on Auto Draft so see how they shake out.

      No it won't wait the 1:15 for each pick. After the first Auto selection it will select players for that team in a fraction of the time..15 to 30 seconds.

      Invert? You mean snaking? Where the picks go 1 through 12 then 12 back to 1? It's snaking.


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