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  • Aaron Aaron Aug 20, 2014 9:12 PM Flag

    First time being a commish in a keeper league - Please help!

    I need help with how the draft order in a keeper league goes - basically we are all keeping one player from last year's team going into this season and we are using the lose-the-same-round "penalty", and we also want to just have yahoo randomize the draft order (not 30 minutes before the draft but asap). My question is, we have the keeper declaration date set for August 26 - is there away for us to have yahoo randomize the draft order BEFORE that and then me assign the keepers to the round they lose? I went into the settings and it made it seems like I had to manually set the draft order to input the keepers and round losses.

    Do I have to I just have to wait until after the keeper declaration date to have yahoo randomize it? Not a big deal if so, but would be nice to know the draft order before people decide keepers?

    Any help and instructions is appreciated!


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