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  • Josh Flynn Josh Flynn Aug 20, 2014 7:59 PM Flag

    have a keeper and draft import question

    I have a 10 team league, just about to start our second year. My question is how do I carry over, draft picks that were used as trades last season? do i need to wait after we make our keeper selections?


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    • you cannot do anything with keepers or picks until you finalize team list after that
      1 set draft order
      2 you can then apply the draft pick trades through EDIT draft order and assign keepers
      3 after keeper deadline passes you can add keepers
      just save your progress after each step

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      • Hi Mike, I asked a similar question just 20 minutes ago (just seeing this now) - anyways, thanks for your help. For step 1 when setting the draft order, my league is just looking to have yahoo randomize it - can you still do steps 2 and 3 with doing that? Basically, can I randomize the draft order, then have the keeper declaration date come, and then import the keepers/draft pick trades / draft round losses from keepers?

        Any help appreciated.


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