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    I was supposed to draft in an elimination league tonight but like most free drafts someone quits right before the draft is supposed to start or a third of the people don't show up. I am just making it a $3 league so people have some sort of commitment to the league...

    Draft will be next week 8/27 at 8pm EST. If I get enough people interested I will run the league...
    Here are the rules stolen from the league I was supposed to play in...
    The Draft
    1. This will be an Auction Draft with each team getting $300 worth of bidding money.
    2. You really need to make an effort to be at the draft. In an Auction draft, nothing is worse than 4 or 5 people not showing up and the BOTS pump up the cost of players. If you cannot make the draft you need to put a message on the board. Otherwise I will bench your team for the first week.
    3. The Draft date will not be moved.. I will lock the league 4 hours before if we have 20 teams.

    The Eliminations
    1. The regular season will run from week 1 until week 14.
    2. EVERY team will participate from week 1 to week 6.
    3. After the Monday night game on Week 6 I will eliminate the bottom 4 teams based on point totals.
    4. Every week that follows, after the Monday Night game, I will eliminate the lowest remaining team based on total points.
    5. Week 14 will be the final elimination. At this point we will have 8 teams to fight it out in the playoffs.
    6. Teams will be eliminated based off of TOTAL POINTS ONLY... head to head is only around so we can have an 8 team playoff at the end of the season.
    7. The players on the teams which are eliminated will go onto the waiver wire just like a normal drop and add. All remaining teams will be able to make a bid to acquire these players during the waiver wire period for that week.
    8. Each team will be given $300 to purchase players during the season.
    The Playoffs
    1. The playoffs will consist of the top 8 teams based again on Points Total.
    2. At the end of the season I may need to change the schedules and scores of games throughout the season, This is done in order to get the correct seeding for the playoffs. If I need to do this it will take place after the final elimination.
    3. Once the correct seeding is in place, the playoffs will play out just like any other league. There will be no eliminations in the playoffs.

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