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  • Brian Brian Aug 19, 2014 4:24 PM Flag

    Need keeper league opening! 10 team or more - well run league! 25 year owner/player

    send me invite or league info!

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    • I have a league that is in need of three owners. Here are the rules:
      We will have a three year maximum limit on keepers. Each year a player is kept they will raise one round of value per year. No players drafted in each of the first two rounds are able to be kept. At any point durring the three years of a keeper a team can trade the player and
      the recieving team will have the option to keep that player for three years and the rounds will increase each year.
      Example...You draft a player in the 4th round that player can be kept the next year for a third round pick and the year after that for a 2nd round pick. After that the player will have to go back in the player pool to be drafted the following year. If you draft a player in the 15th round and keep the player year one they are kept is the 14th round year two is the 13th round and the final year that the origional team can have them is the 12th round. if the player is still on the team as of the deadline of for keepers to be declared the player will go back into the pool to be drafted. At any point up untill that the player can be traded and the new team can keep that player for three seasons as an 11th, 10th and 9th pick.

      If you Drop a player and he is in the free agent pool then they can be kept as a last round pick. The year you pick them up though would count as the first year of the maximum three years.

      Draft Picks can be traded at any piont though out the year even if the site is not up and running we all have email so feel free Any trades have to be notified to me though.


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