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  • Anthony W Anthony W Aug 18, 2014 9:28 PM Flag

    First time hosting keeper league

    My league has never had a keeper and I want to make sure i don't screw anything up. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

    1. If someone doesn't pick a keeper, do they automatically move up in the draft order?
    2. I have 2 managers replacing 2 who left. Will I be able to manually enter in the roster of the old team they are taking over?

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    • 1 all depends on what you want
      2 if the 2 managers are mia just use add another email to the reminder for the correct team and no manual entry needed, if they accepted the invite but decided not to play use the transfer team option in commish tools

      1 you will likely be manually placing keepers in what ever fashion your league decided (1st rnd pick, where they were drafted ect). All un assigned draft slots will draft in that order

      draft order
      1 jamal 2 mc coy 3 no keeper 4 forte 5 no keeper ect
      during draft it will look like the 2 named players are drafted then 3 is on the clock
      keeper players will not show up as available during draft


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