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  • Sherman Sherman Aug 13, 2014 9:45 PM Flag

    Early Draft Order Request

    A couple of the members in my league want me to release draft order so they can select their keepers based on their draft position. The order is a random draw, and I would like to keep it sealed until right before the draft. What are your thoughts on draft order determining keeper position? Early order release?

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    • It depends.As long as everyone has the same info at the same time I think its a matter of personal preference.I like as much info before the draft as possible. I can see the not knowing as increasing the challenge with both keeper selection and drafting. The counter would be in real football teams know their keepers and draft position well in advance. You can either stand your ground or put it up to a vote and still justify your action IMO.
      You can not please all the managers all the time.

    • I don't know why you would not want to give out the info, if you have it. It can make a difference on who you keep. release the info


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