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  • Chickenheads Chickenheads Aug 13, 2014 5:04 PM Flag

    How do I invite new teams after Membership has been finalized?

    I finalized my league last week but now I have 2 more teams that want to join. We have not drafted yet. Right now the Commish Tools will not allow me to invite more teams, even though I have the league set to 12 teams (it's currently at 10 teams).

    Anyone know what I should do? How do I get Yahoo to fix this?

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    • Under commish tools, look under the draft settings. There should be something about finalizing teams. click that, and it will come up where you can unfinalize a league. As long as you haven't drafted, you can click that and it will unfinalize the league where you can adjust the size of it, and invite more teams


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