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  • Mr Tracey Mr Tracey Aug 12, 2014 4:25 PM Flag

    Help-Keeper draft question

    How can I assign one keeper per team and stiil choose random draft order? It seems to be random or keeper

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    • Well, this is my 1st & last time trying this. Sorry if this isn't the person/people I'm supposed to be sending this to, but I cannot figure ANYTHING out. I dont have ANYONE I drafted on my roster, I cant add/subtract/switch/anything my roster. I've clicked 'Add player' 3 ways at least 5 times. Then I go to the ONLY place i may be able to ask a question and I cant find a 'post' icon anywhere but here, for you. While I have severely filtered my actualy words, I WILL sat "Missionary position of intercourse this Male Cow Fecal matter". It looked like it coulda been fun too

    • Easy. Click on generate random draft order

    • i don't know of any. however, back in the "old" days before keeper tools, managers drafted their keepers 1st rds themselves in live drafts. this only works though if they stick to the plan. one or two won't and then it's a commish semi headache to sort it all out afterwards. when that happened in my league, the invalid pick was sent to waivers after the draft. gl!


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