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    As a commissioner running a league with a predetermined draft order each year, would you have any issue with allowing players to swap entire draft positions? (This is to swap the entire draft position and not individual picks) Say someone is picking 5th and he wants to trade spots in the order with the guy picking 11th for strategic reasons. Is this unfair to rest of the league or would you allow it?

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    • Trevor where are you? I'd like to know how the draft order was "predetermined"
      That's an important piece of info that is missing here

    • LOL
      johmg said in another thread
      "If the trade was proposed TO YOU...then you have to understand that the owner believes he's getting the better end of the trade...or he wouldn't be proposing it. You have to determine if he's right...or wrong. It's a one-for--one swap of players at the same position...so there's no other explanation for the proposal. It's a one-for--one
      This trade is a 15 for 15 swap of players / picks (picks = players HTH) Im surprised you didn't ask where the players involved were drafted LOL
      "...then you have to understand that the owner believes he's getting the better end of the trade"
      " You have to determine if he's right...or wrong."
      except in this trade for picks /= players where johmg will determine that 4 u
      please let me know if you think picks don't = players Ridiculous

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      • THANK YOU MIKE!!!!
        This will be my last post in this thread. I can't tell if we are in an overall minority or just on this site.
        But thanks to you I don't have to question my sanity. Jon G has a lot of valuable knowledge about players and leagues and more than half the time he makes sense. But once he gets something like this in his head as wrong he gets demeaning to those who disagree with him. Letter of the law Spirit of the law my big toe. You have still not refuted who gets a distinct advantage and who is being hurt. i know you have read enough to know that there are "experts" who covet various positions. This is being done in advance and not as some "suprise" on draft night. At a minimum ask the league. I would think more than half would say "Who cares" I didn't mean to imply the end takes no thought I just meant that who you are choosing from is a smaller group because a player might fall 8-10 spots ( so in the 5th spot you have hope of seeing them next pick, but the chance of them falling 18-22 spots is very slim so if you want them its now or never. I hope that makes sense. Every spot has its advantages and challenges is my point and the point of the snake draft method.

      • p.s. - this last post of yours is simply asinine. grow up. end of conversation.

      • I think you're obsessed with me...now you're reading all my posts,trying to find ammunition for your lame arguments. In the immortal words of Ocho Cinco: Please...child! Take your meds. Obsession can be debilitating.

    • You have to ask the question: if there's no perceived advantage to anyone in trading draft spots...why make them? What...does someone have a fetish for the 5th spot...the 10th spot....the 3rd spot? Sheer silliness.

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      • john maybe you should just draft for everyone in your league tell them what trades to make and who to start on a weekly basis

        " if there's no perceived advantage to anyone in trading draft spots...why make them?"
        each owner sees an advantage END OF STORY why don't you tell us which spot is the guaranteed SB winner

        I would hazard a guess these players who are trying to manage their own damn team (hint) and are obviously targeting different players.

        the only silliness here is your pretending to know what these guys are thinking about their draft

        this year I would rather draft 11th than 5th but if if I had the 5th and the 11th wanted it it would cost more than a straight up swap

    • Trevor asked " Is this unfair to rest of the league or would you allow it?"

      No it is not unfair yes I would allow it

      SERIOUSLY if you are against this trade answer these 2 simple questions

      explain how this trade is unfair
      explain how this negatively effects anyone in the league

      According to some of you trading the draft pick is collusion Thats Ridiculous

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      • It's unfair because most teams aren't aware that it's possible to do this. Perhaps the person with the 12th pick would've liked to move up to the 5th spot but didn't think it was allowed so he never approached him about switching positions.

        It negatively effects the league because now you are opening the league up to allow ANY pick to be traded and/or some back-door trading to go on.

    • There's always a few "win at any cost" punks on these boards...

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      • win at any cost...what??!!
        They are swapping spots not wives.
        Tell me who is being hurt by this?
        Why not just set everyone on autodraft and mandate that they have to set their lineup by Yahoo projections each week no trades no waiver wire pick ups.
        Call me a punk or whatever, but if one of my kids want the Cars cup and the other wants Toy Story what do I care.
        There are "experts" who love the 5th spot and those that love the ends so explain to me who gets hurt. One gets a shot at Lacy or Forte with who knows what coming back while the other can double up on Dez and Marshall and once you get to 3rd rd anything can happen.
        Get off you high horse John and put that finger away.

    • "The ONLY leg...that is..."

    • The leg that Mike or anyone would have to stand on in such a situation is that there's no rule in place that covers it. While it would definitely be best that a rule be in place...if every wanky azzed loophole in the rules were to be covered, you'd have a rule book the size of an old fashioned phone book. Commissioner have the right and the obligation to make decisions that are in the best interest of the league...including things like this. I'd say "hell no"...to this swap, and if the participating owners didn't like it, my reply would simply be, "Bite me...find another league in which your shenanigans will be tolerated. Ain't happening here! ".

    • I'm on your side Mike.
      Maz and Chris and Dee who cares. there are advantages to the middle and the ends.
      Middle gets shorter wait between picks and can strategically pass on a position you think won't be drafted because of the rosters picking before you pick again. The end takes less thought because you know who definitely won't make it back so you take BPA or according to need if a tier is about to run out.

      People who are into vetoing don't have a place in my league.
      Last year i was offered Julius Thomas for Trent Richardson the week he was traded to Indy. I said are you crazy a waiver wire guy hot for a few weeks vs a top 10-15 pick about to get to a much better situation.
      Stupid is as Stupid does, but everyone sees value differently.
      Let them trade!!!!
      Conceivably they could trade every pick one or two at a time or trade player for player post draft. If a snake draft is designed to be fair then every position should be seen as valuable.

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      • Nunya: back to back picks takes no thought? you ever done that with a winning competitive team? it takes a LOT of thought since you have about 2 dozens players go off the board before your next 2 picks. what's not to think about? in any league that's worth it's weight in salt managers will switch gears picking a position and they fly off the board before getting to you. i've been both places a lot of times and get the most bang for my buck going about 3rd at either end of a snaking draft.

      • I'm all for no vetoes when it comes to trading players (and our league has a rule in place to cover that) But this isn't about trading players...it's about trading draft positions. A totally different situation.

    • as a commish in many leagues there is no way in hell i would ever allow such a trade....just my opinion

    • Wow, Mike is quite the #$%$ I wouldn't allow it either.

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