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    I have been in the hunt for a custom league setting which maximizes the amount of skill and minimizes luck. I know that no matter the settings, luck is always going to be a significant factor. But, I would like to manipulate the settings as much as possible so that those will knowledge of the game and those who are skilled fantasy football players are given a competitive edge to those who rely solely on luck having little knowledge of the game.

    I have seen several ideas while scouring the internet, but have yet to find one that has been proven over multiple years and more importantly one which is designed to use with Yahoo Fantasy Football.

    Furthermore, I have a couple prerequisites that I will not consider substituting.

    Here are the prerequisites:

    12 person League
    Standard Roster: 1QB 2RB 3WR 1TE 1WR/TE/RB (Flex) K, and DST
    Point Per Reception
    IDP--Any 3 Defensive Players

    Furthermore, I want to reward those players who play well. Those QB who have good completion ratio, RB who rush for 100+ yards, WR who have 100+. I believe those play makers are the reason teams win and lose and therefore should be more valuable. I also want to minimize those "touchdown hogs" those players who rush for 20 yards a game but score 2 TD, QB's with a poor completion ratios but throws multiple TD's in a game etc.

    In yahoo comp % is an option for both complete/incomplete passes. I want to make those QB's with higher completion rates more valuable than those who are constantly playing from behind and forced to pass. These QB's may throw a couple touchdowns but at the cost of both INT's and poor completion rates. In my opinion QB's who play well should be rewarded and considered more valuable than those who don't. Maybe what I am trying to do is impossible. But I figured I would give it a shot.

    I want the IDP settings to be competitive but I do not want them to be exceptionally valuable. (I don't want them to be drafted over starting offensive roster positions)

    If anyone has a cu

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    • You wrote, " I also want to minimize those "touchdown hogs" those players who rush for 20 yards a game but score 2 TD, QB's with a poor completion ratios but throws multiple TD's in a game etc." I believe you're thinking is flawed on this issue. As far the the "td hogs"...most people don't play these guys on a regular basis...so it's pretty much a non-issue. But if and when they do, and it goes to the owner's benefit...why punish them for being smart enough to put them on the field? As to the QBs..."how" QBs score points is irrelevant. So what...their completion percentage is low...but they score multiple TDs in a game, whether it's in the real NFL or the fantasy NFL...what owner wouldn't want those guys? If a QB has a 100% completion rate for the entire season...but doesn't throw TDs and help his team doesn't win games, so what? I believe you're way over-thinking all of this...and while I applaud your effort, some of your ideas just don't make good football sense and compound the problem you're trying to eliminate.

    • p.s. - eliminate PPR that can reward ten points for ten 1 yard receptions . I've never understood the love affair people have with PPR. just adds more luck to the game. as far as "bonus points", which you've suggested you might utilize...more luck. 99 yards rushing...no bonus points. 1 more yard...points. same with 100+ yards receiving/passing yards. such bonus systems have the potential to add even more luck to the game...not eliminate it. as for the idea of rewarding QBs with higher completion rates...etc, I'm not keen on the idea. yardage...whether it's passing, receiving, or rushing...should receive points because those yards result in the ball being moved toward the goal line...and actual scoring. anything else...just fluff that amounts to nothing more than keeping statisticians in a good job. I can't fathom how adding such scoring categories aids in your quest to eliminate luck and add skill.

    • So you want to eliminate as much luck as possible? Forget H2H …and play a points league. This will eliminate more luck than any other single change you could imagine. Here’s an example: Team A beats Team B by a score of 200-199. Team C beats Team D by a score of 100-99. Teams A & C both get wins…Teams B & D both get losses. Team A scores 100 points more than the other winner…Team C, but they both get wins…with no differentiation reflecting the fact that one team scored twice as many as the other. Theoretically, you can crown a league champion that scores the lowest number of overall points for the season…and that’s just wrong. In a points league, the champion is the owner that made the choices of who to play and when…in order to score the most points. Team wins and a playoff season are the only reasonable ways to determine championships in the “real NFL”…but it’s a terrible, luck-ridden way to play fantasy football. Owners who don’t want to make the effort and spend the time to learn the players and the game…those who don’t have the skill needed to compete for a title…LOVE H2H play because it gives them a chance to do nothing and know nothing and still compete for a trophy.

      The only reasonable objection I’ve ever heard voiced as to why owners don’t like “points” leagues is that it eliminates the playoff system. For me…I hate H2H playoffs for this reason (that I would think should be obvious): a skilled owner who’s put lots of effort into making the playoffs can see their season go down the drain to some goof-off who lucked his way into the playoffs. Once again, in the NFL, the playoffs are the only reasonable way to determine a championship…and the playoffs are the best way to keep fans interested and spending cash. A “points” format in the NFL would be ridiculous. But this isn’t the NFL. If we’re truly trying to determine which owner is the most skilled in selecting players that will score the most points on the field over the course of an entire season…”points” leagues are the only true measure.
      I’m sure that lazy unskilled owners will decry the very idea of eliminating H2H play and the chance of lucking their way into a championship…but owners who truly want to compete on a skill level…eliminating as much luck as is possible…LOVE points leagues once they’re tried them.

    • Sounds to me like you already know what you want.
      Do it


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