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  • Jayson P Jayson P Aug 1, 2014 9:34 PM Flag

    Looking for a $100 league!

    I am an experienced and talented team owner. I am attentive, shrewd, involved, and full of braggadocia.

    I am seeking to join an established or first-year keeper league, or hell, maybe just a non-keeper league... doesn't matter too much to me. I'm good with auction or snake draft, but I prefer the standard system. Ideally, this will be a league in which many of the owners know each other or have battled together in different leagues. I guess you could say I am looking for a fresh start with a cool bunch of people, in a league that is involved, with boasting, bragging, and bemoaning. I have five twenties that says I will win your league.

    The reason I would prefer an established league is just because of the money. I am sure you understand that I don't want to plunk down 100 bucks on a league that isn't going to pay out when the season is over. But I will go with whomever I feel I can trust when all is said and done.

    I will create a team logo and slogan, talk #$%$, pitch trades, all that good #$%$. Let me be the next great owner in your league. Send your invites to vidkidpowers here on yahoo mail or send me a link below. Thanks for your time everybody, and have fun this season!


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