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    Problems Inviting Returning Members

    Any other commissioners having problems inviting returning members back into the league? About half my league can't join from the email invite. Anyone else having a similar problem and know how to solve?

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    • Yes, there has been a problem with invites this year. Look here for some info: http://help.yahoo.com/communities/index?page=forums&topic=07bc23cfcc724c57a7a58ea5270862c2&forumname=Fantasy%20Football&topicname=Invite+problems Here's my $.02 worth: A few weeks ago, I was affected by this problem. The commish in question had a AOL email account that he was using. Thankfully, one day I read where the problem was fixed - and I had the commish re-sent the invite and I (as well as 2 other guys) received the invite. You might try reporting your problem to Yahoo, but you may have better luck trying to reach The Wizard Of Oz. I would suggest sending an email out to everyone in your league describing the problem, and keep sending out the invites everyday until (hopefully) everyone receives them. If you have an AOL account, you might try to make someone (that's already in the league) the commish - for the purpose of having them send the invite and see if that resolves the problem. Whether or not it works, they can always make you commish again. Good luck!

    • Try this; it might work as long as the manager is logged in with the same ID that he/she used last season.

      Commish Tools
      Under League Management, select Invites Settings, then "Invite more players."

      You should see "Get started by inviting friends to your league" and "You can also invite friends by sending them a link." Copy and paste the complete link and send it to the managers who have been unable to join your renewed league.

      If that fails, post a request for assistance on the Fantasy Sports Community Forum page. Jake (Community Support Manager) was very helpful in resolving an invitation problem that I encountered with my renewed league.


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