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    Manager quits after vetoed trade

    Been in a 12-team money PPR league for the last few years mostly compromised of friends and some family members. Team #12 quit unexpectedly after our draft, but luckily the season hasn't started yet. The commissioner found a replacement manager (1st time playing) and then traded with this new manager on the same day.

    New Manager trades: Calvin Johnson & Delanie Walker
    Commissioner trades: Jordan Cameron, Matt Prater, and DeAngelo Williams

    Half of the league publicly voted against the trade so the commissioner vetoed his own trade and then decided to quit the league because he felt his trade should have been allowed.

    My questions:
    1. Would you veto the trade?
    2. Why or not veto the trade?
    3. What argument carries more weight: "If people pay to play, then they should be allowed to manage their team any way they want vs. "If people pay to play, then people should be allowed to protect the integrity and competitive balance of the league by vetoing trades they see as unfair"

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    • Allow all trades to go through ...with the exception of clear cases of collusion and these kind of silly problems will cease.

    • Had the trade included a top 15 RB instead of Williams, I'd been ok with it. Cameron is a top 10 TE and Prater is a top ten K. As is I wouldn't of done it but since it was vetoed by at least 1/2 the league, the commish should've respected that and moved on. Sounds like commish is immature.

    • The new manager has to drop someone to make a 2-for-3 trade work. Say he drops his kicker. The commish can then sign that kicker. So basically, this is a Megatron, Delanie for DeAngelo, Cameron trade. The commish could break even at TE and seems to benefit from getting Megatron for DeAngelo. The new owner is risking that Prater/Cameron/DeAngelo will outscore his K/Delanie/Megatron combo. While it seems impossible, it could happen. It doesn't seem to be cheating or outrageously unfair. With no signs of cheating, it would just be a trade where one guy appears to win big ... on paper ... but you never know what could happen over an NFL season. Even if the commish dominates the outcome, what is the point of allowing trades if you aren't allowed to win one big ... ever? I wouldn't veto a trade just because it hurt my chance to win the league. I was in a league a few years ago where a guy had Adrian Peterson and he traded his backup QB (someone like Alex Smith or something) and Antonio Gates for Arian Foster. He had Brady, AP, Foster ... he was unbeatable that year. It was brilliant. Give up the best TE in the league and a QB to a guy who needed a TE and thought he needed a QB and take his best player. This trade here is more or less the same thing. Give up a potential top 3 TE and top 3 K and a RB to a guy who needs all of those things and take his best player. I see it as a brilliant play. I wouldn't have been against the trade. As commish, I wouldn't have vetoed someone making that trade. If I could get Mega for that, I would and would feel no shame. I think people have the right to outsmart everyone, as long as it isn't flat out "Megatron for Prater" straight up cheating. Even Mega for DeAngelo should go through if both managers want it to. Offering trades isn't about making friends. It is about helping your team. Your league seems really uptight and prone to overreaction. I don't mean any offense against you. You asked for our opinions. That is my opinion.

    • so the commish benched all of his players? that's plain odd! i was in one of those #$%$ type leagues once and we all benched ours in protest since we couldn't do anything else. stay clear of this commish unless you're related to him. if so, then give him a good talk about grow UP! gl!

    • Trades, to be a fair trade, should be either be even or stand to benefit both teams. Most people forget the latter.

      This trade certainly isn't even.

      The only plausible scenario for it to benefit both teams is if Cameron can be considered a top TE and the new manager had:
      Plentiful elite WRS (Megatron, Green, Bryant, Julio, etc.)
      No roster-worthy TE (why he has Walker)
      Bad RBs
      A #$%$ kicker

      However, that still doesn't make it the best trade the new manager could agree to since he/she could have offered a different WR. Cameron is also a gamble, which makes it even worse. He was fantastic to start the season and #$%$ for the second half of last year (averaged less than 3 ppg for 7 out of 8 final games in regular scoring) and the team has new coaching.

      Trade should easily be vetoed. It's either a commish taking advantage of an inexperienced owner or outright cheating.

    • I wanted to reiterate the league is mostly made up of friends. The rest of us would be more than happy to see the "Commish" play this season. We're just not sure who is in the right and who is in the wrong. We play for money, but we also want to play for fun. I just feel like it wouldn't be fun anymore if we start accusing friends of trying to cheat. I wanted to see what outsiders think of the situation because I'm wondering if we need to tell the Commish to live with the veto and play or if we should let him walk.

    • I would veto the trade because it is extremely lopsided and, due to the commissioner's involvement, looks to me like collusion. As for question #3, I would change the wording to "If people pay to play, then people should be allowed to protect the integrity and competitive balance of the league by vetoing trades they see as so lopsided that collusion may be involved". That argument carries more weight than argument #1.

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      • i think basically if 2 adults agree on a trade, then i won't veto it. however, i see a few red flags in this league:

        1. league's mostly friends/family for a few years and the commish brings in someone who's never played? i think the league should have a say in who gets brought in and not a newbie;
        2. commish trades with this manager the same day? either he's taking advantage of a newbie, which happens, but something else could be going on since it happened so fast: commish placed a dummy team in that spot!!! not good!

        are you saying the commish quit? confused. this is the reason i don't play in leagues where the commish can veto trades--not even in the leagues i run. league rules imho.

    • Horrific trade! Unless you are required to play two tight ends. D. Walker has little value. D. Williams is not even a flex play most weeks and everything that I have read indicates that J. Stewart is the back to own there this year. So essentially this trade is C. Johnson for J. Cameron and a kicker. The kicker is good but in a 12 team team league with standard scoring this new manager was bound to end up with at least the 12th best kicker right? I men who is carrying two kickers? In standard leagues Prater was the #2 kicker and outscored the #12 kicker J. Feeley by 30 points. Whereas C. Johnson outscored J. Cameron 320 to 214 in PPR leagues. So this is a 76 point gain on the season by a commissioner who is trade raping a newbie and getting #$%$ off that half the league doesn't think it is fair? Your league has a veto function for a reason and it was used properly. Get a new commissioner. However if your league can not sustain quality ownership than you have other options. This new guy is a knucklehead and he probably shouldn't be in your league if you guys want a serious league. I suggest starting your own league with the 10 managers that you have faith in and if you find 2 guys that you want restart it. If not just move on to a 10 team league. You will have just as much fun. Don't beg this guy to come back or convince him he is wrong. And tell the Newbie to do some #$%$ research! As for question #3 you can't have a no rules league so that a few people can trade rape idiots all season long and make the league garbage. It is a league and a commissioner should first and foremost do what is best for the league. I wouldn't even offer such a trade as if it were accepted my league would give me the stink eye!

    • I've seen worse trades. Cameron will get a lot of touches and td's this year. Prater ok kicker and Williams is what he is....I would have allowed personally, but that is just me.


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