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  • Romes Romes Jun 21, 2014 2:37 PM Flag

    Reporting fantasy commissioner cheating/inappropriate conduct

    Where would I go to contact about a commissioner quite bluntly cheating by acquire players from other teams and blocking out manager league actions?

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    • try sticking your head out the window and yelling Im mad as hell and im not going to take it anymore
      But seriously yahoo wont do anything from yahoo fantasy help

      Reporting a cheating commissioner

      This article explains that in Private leagues, Yahoo does not get involved in disputes, and commissioners have complete control in those leagues.

      All custom league matters must be addressed to the commissioner. We recommend that you attempt to contact your commissioner via email or your league's message board to resolve any disputes. Yahoo Sports will not act as a go-between with commissioners and managers in any way.

      We also will neither remove nor restore teams from private leagues. You are not obligated to visit the team or league pages if you no longer wish to participate in your private league.

      We will not interfere with private leagues. We invite you to join one of our public leagues. In a public league, you will be matched against other players from across the globe that will be randomly assigned to your league. There are no commissioners in public leagues.

      You may also take advantage of Yahoo Fantasy Sports manager rating system

    • It helps others not to join the cheating commish's league if you post his user name and any other info about him and his league here on the message boards.

    • Yahoo will not get involved in private league disputes, unfortunately. I learned years ago not to join private leagues unless I knew the commissioner or others in the league could vouch for the commissioner.

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      • there are idiots out there but also some good commish's
        I wish there was a way to see info about the league you were about to join like has the commish won the league every year. Ive been running my keeper for 4 years and the closest I came was losing the Super bowl by less than 3 points
        if you get a bad commish just move on it sucks but its free

    • send a letter to Yahoo. If this is for fantasy football get out of the league as soon as possible.


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