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  • Dynasty Maker Dynasty Maker Jun 8, 2014 10:19 AM Flag

    Suggestions - auction dynasty league?

    I've been playing FF for almost 10 years now, and am looking for something new. I've been on keeper leagues and currently have a dynasty league I've been running for 6 years. I love being in a dynasty league, particularly cause I find there are more trades and it's more competitive. I want to start another dynasty league, but wanted to change it up a bit by making it an auction league instead of just a standard snake draft. However, I've never done a keeper/dynasty auction league before so I'm a little lost on how exactly to set it up.

    How big should the roster be? Most league I'm in have really deep roster to drive more trades and keep people from just flexing in a weekly hot player to go with the 3 superstars they blew their entire budget on.

    How do keepers work in an auction league? I've tried googling ideas and I've heard a million things. I saw one site that suggested you "extend contracts" by charging managers the amount they paid at last year's draft plus $5 for each year they want to extend the contract (I.e. you extend a player you got for $2 for 3 years, you pay $2 + 3x$5...$17 each year for the next 3 years). Also heard suggestions about charging penalties for dropped keeper players (so you extend a $20 player for 5 years. You decide to drop him after year 2, so you are still responsible for 1/2 his salary for the next 3 years til that contract expires).

    How do you manage traded players in the next draft? Do managers have to pay the same draft price from last year for a player they got in a trade?

    Do you set the waiver wire on a budget? Or just do rolling waiver claims like a standard league?

    Any suggestions are welcome. Just want some ideas as I get started. Please keep on mind this will be an online league, so it has to be something that will work with managers doing all drafts and transactions online.


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