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  • Dennis Dennis May 30, 2014 5:04 AM Flag

    Using league for 30 minutes, already 2 problems- not a good sign

    #1) I am trying to invite players to a league I renewed (I need 2 new teams, as 2 teams from last year dropped out). Add there is no option to send invites other than e-mail? No Facebook or Twitter like last year? It only shows me an option to e-mail.

    #2) Pre-draft rankings. I set like my top 100. It took me like 25 minutes. Well, what do you know, I pushed save, edited a bit more and pushed save again, and everything was deleted! Well there go 30 minutes of my life I will never get back, with nothing to show for it.

    Anyone else? Any solutions to this?

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    • Yeah, the pre-edit rankings are severely messed up. The odd thing is that it seems like the same things that are occurring now occurred over the past two years with baseball, based on the forums........but here we are with the same problem again now, even though it has never been a problem in football prior to this year. No scrolling, no arrows, saving actually deletes.......it's unusable right now. I have a feeling Yahoo! already knows about this, and is hopefully working on it (along with getting the Pro Leagues up and running).

    • #3) I cannot create a Facebook group. Man, I was happy when Yahoo opened registration, but after opening up later than other major websites, they were still clearly not ready.


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