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  • Fred Smith Fred Smith Jan 10, 2014 10:35 AM Flag

    Loser's Bracket Idea: MAKE THIS HAPPEN, YAHOO!

    Our league operates under the idea that being in the loser's bracket is not a place to be coddled. So for the last 3 years, we've designed our own "loser's bracket" outside of Yahoo's options.

    Effectively, you're playing not to finish dead last. Face it, nobody who signs up for a league wants to be the guy who came in at the bottom. And once you've made the loser's bracket, most people check out for the year. In order to keep everyone invested in participation, we created this bracket and it's been a huge success for us - in many cases, the "Toilet Bowl" has wound up being more exciting than the league championship game, because the league winner gets to pick the DFL'ers punishment (buying flowers for every other league member's wife, eating the entire McDonald's Dollar Menu, etc).

    12 team league - top 6 make playoffs. Normal seeding applies.
    Bottom 6 - a bracket is created with inverse seeding. If you finish with one of the two worst league records, you're a "top" seed and given a bye. Everyone else is numbered inversely, so the 7th place finisher is actually the 6 seed, 8th is 5th, etc.

    3 seed plays 6, 4 seed plays 5 as you normally do. The winners from those two matches play in the 7th/8th place game. The losers "move on" (down) to face the two awful teams who got byes in the first round. The winners of those games play in the 9th/10th place game, and the losers eventually meet in the Toilet Bowl. The person who loses the Toilet Bowl (and lost every match-up they had in the playoffs, either 2 or 3 straight), is your last place finisher.

    Yahoo, I know the logic involved in programming this wouldn't be terribly hard, and I think it would actually gain a lot of traction among leagues where participation drops off a cliff if your team doesn't make the playoffs. Half the fun of fantasy is beating your buddies - the other half is taking good natured pokes at those who are just terrible.

    Make this happen! Many thanks.

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    • toilet bowls are happening around yahoo already and not a new idea. and I really doubt yahoo guys read this "stuff"..

    • I see what you are trying to do. Yahoo will not do this. I run a unique playoff system and to accomadate I simply select NO PLAYOFFS when setting up the league. Then just setup your matchups as the comissioner. Just explain to everybody in league post prior to week 14 why the matchups are the way they are. I allow 7 teams out of 11 to go to the playoffs with the 1 seed getting a bye. Teams 8-11 are in the losers bracket where the winner gets $2 more auction the following season and $10 more waiver dollars. The regular season 12 seed does not go to any playoff system and gets the SHAFT. They get renamed by the Champion on a weekly basis the following season. This lets everyone know how #$%$ you did as they are reminded every week with your #$%$ name. To run this I simply have 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, and 4 vs 5 matchup in week 14. 8 vs 11 and 9 vs 10 in the losers bracket. I then have 1 vs 12 and then bench the 12 seeds team this is the #1 seeds bye. However you run your playoffs is up to you but commisioner scheduling is the way to accomplish it. The only down side is that people may not get their true Yahoo trophy as yahoo will recognize weeks 14-17 as regular weeks and not elimination games. So the Champ may end up showing up as 3rd place. But if virtual trophies are that important the commish could alter a few games with added points so that the top 3 get them. Hope this helps.


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