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  • Brandton Brandton Dec 28, 2013 2:23 PM Flag

    Dynasty League

    I am looking to start a dynasty league and have a few questions. After your initial draft in the following years is it possible to set up a rookie draft and roster and additionally can you set up a taxi squad of veterans with 3 years or less? Any advice on how you run your dynasty leagues would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    • Hey Bandon, did you get this up and running yet? If you did I am interseted my yahoo email is jmorgan68

    • Yes, it's possible to facilitate a rookie draft. All the dynasty leagues that I'm in facilitate rookie drafts in the slow, offline fashion. To do this you need to have an offseason website, and a lot of folks use Yahoo Groups as their offseason website host.

      Your taxi squad idea is doable on Yahoo, but would take a lot of management on your part. I would not recommend the extra work required for a taxi squad of 1-3 yr players.

      Initially you need to determine what type/s of draft/s will work best for your people in your league. Will you initially have a separate rookie draft? Or will you have a combined rookie/veteran draft? Will your initial draft be snake style, or auction? Ask you peeps (or flex your commish muscles) and decide what will work best for your group of people. Then there's always future draft picks. How many years' worth of future draft picks will you allow? Questions abound for you to answer.

      I'm also running a startup dynasty league beginning in 2014, myself. Believe it or not, my list of league rules is 10 pages (including a table of contents)... lol If you're interested I can email it to you if you post your email address.

      I'm curious what kind of comments this will draw, because the subject interests me greatly.

      Good luck!


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