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    i am the commissioner and allow dropping of players through playoffs as we have the loser bracket and i play to win also had a side bet who i was playing against. my wife is also in league. however she is always better not sure why. here is my problem i dropped hartline who i hadn't started since week 8 and martelus bennett because lets be honest he is hit or miss. i took chance on bolden from ne because rb was hurt and heap from the giants who had a couple of good games. In the meantime she had picked them up through fa waiver wire so everyone had a chance at them benched wallace to start hartline i wouldn't have her choice. 2 players in my ten team league call this cheating. i was not knowingly trying to cheat. i was told since were husband and wife no matter who i drop and she picks up should be against the rules. one there was never this rule and you can't enforce that just do to injuries. we don't trade. i could see if i drop a top one or two tier player but there barely in tier 4 or if i had been playing them every week. i hadn't as i had jake reed as my te. any advice would help

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    • "she is always better not sure why".....lol.....I know why!!!

      Oh...and....punctuation man.....punctuation. Please. Learn. How.

    • ur right it was myers from the giants. and hardline sucks can't figure u idiots out try to play for win that is bad. if it doesn't matter why should i undo it. to please two other idiots who don't know how to follow waiver wire. i realize after i posted this i asked a bunch of people who play differently than we do. considering over half the league is family it won't matter who picks up who. wow and if you don't like my grammar don't read it. while i did make mistakes you still got the drift at least anybody with half a brain. thank you for your help or lack there of. i wouldn't want any of you in my league. as if you can't follow waiver wire rules there is i wouldnt want you anyway. I've been playing ff football since the early 90's before internet football. i just thought what the hell ask some owners who have been around as long as me. than i realize its the same people who respond to every post. so its just your opinion. which obviously if you couldn't follow my rant than you can be very helpful. oh well maybe someone with half a brain will read this. as i learned i booted both of them out of the league when they bench there whole team. actually put everyone back in and locked there a**es out. when your playing for 20000 you use the waiver wire or your team to be the best. if it would have been top tier i would have reversed but just because she is my wife she can't pick up any of my players..(stupid) its football and everyone should have the same right to win.

    • bob, didn't I talk to you on the phone the other day when I called customer service??? sounds familiar. I know I talked to a "bob". gl anyways.

    • hard to follow but maybe one reason your wife's better than you is she picks up players you drop that can play???? for the sake of the league harmony, i'd reverse these pickups. if they are truly 4th tier bench players, then it won't matter now will it? what WILL matter is what other league managers think of you as commish. gl!

    • Had Jake Reed? Heap on the Giants? Dropped Martellus Bennett?
      My advice is to learn basic grammar and spelling, then learn the players names you are talking about, then your story may make sense.
      From what I gather you dropped Bennett, who you hadn't been starting as you had 'Jake Reed'. I will assume that means Jordan Reed, but he has been out for several weeks now, so it makes no sense to drop Bennett here. Regardless, you dropped Bennett and picked up a 'Heap from the Giants', whom does not exist. The only Heap in the league is on Seattle and has zero fantasy points this year.
      I don't know your waiver system, but if it is just based on priority and not a FAAB and your wife had the #1 spot here and was in TE trouble I would be upset too. Seems like you're poorly trying to justify dropping someone you clearly needed if you were in fact 'playing to win'. But I also may be way off with my interpretation of what you wrote.

    • You may not be cheating but you are a little shady. Bennett hasn't been that great, but to drop him and pick up a no named guy, Heap? Who is that? Yeah, you are being mischievous. Sorry. I'd call foul too and probably wouldn't play in your league again. If you are here asking questions about it then something in the milk isn't clean.

    • No advice needed. Not now anyway... I would have told you NOT to go after Heap though. I don't even know who that is... Todd Heap?


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