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  • Ken Ken Dec 11, 2013 7:46 PM Flag

    Adding Transaction Fees

    The league I run charges $1 per transaction. Is there a way to enter this into the league system so it automatically keeps a total of what owners owe?

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    • Automatically in yahoo parameters, don't think so. Have heard of this before though. My pops played in a league like this with his golf cronies. In my leagues, I limit # of acquisitions each week to 6. It makes it more fair. It keeps the lurkers who are online all day-every day from snatching up all the HOT trending FA's. In one of my $100 leagues now, there is a guy who's made easily 2x as many transactions as the next mgr. This guy is up around 50 right now and has turned over his team probably 4x. Ridiculous.

    • This is actually in response to Gumby (responding to John G below), but I posted my remarks here so more people would see them) Yes, I'm showing my age - but I believe that I know the history of this silly rule. Years and years ago - before the popularity of the internet, commissioners used to have to manually calculate every starting players' fantasy points. The USA Today newspaper was the official source that I used to tabulate everyone's fantasy points. Not only were trade negotiations done over the phone, but when a trade was reached - (or heaven forbid an add/drop), managers had to manually call their commissioners on the phone to report their transactions. I had to make league rules about the hours that managers could call to report their add/drops or trades, and - of course, PUT A LIMIT ON THE NUMBER OF TRANSACTIONS that teams could make in a week and year. Everyone had to phone in their lineups by 12 noon on Fridays. Even though things have improved a LOT since those days, I miss talking to my managers on a weekly basis - things seemed and WERE a lot more personal then. However, I do NOT miss tabulating everyone's stats from the USA today. As bad as my eyes are getting, that would take me hours to facilitate. I hope everyone enjoyed this trip down memory lane (if you remember those days). For you "kids" - that's how we used to have to do things... by the newspaper, uphill, both ways, in 3 feet of snow... barefoot. LOL

    • In the league standings column it keeps track of the number of total moves throughout the regular season. So you would just charge it as a total at the end of the season. I have never heard of this rule but in my league owners would have to be flush to play!

    • You would have to keep up with that manually and use the financial part to record them. You can manage from Commish Tools, Edit League Finances - here you can keep your tally of the fees that managers owe. I've seen leagues like that, and I'm not a fan. But if it works for your league, then enjoy the ride! Good luck.

    • i'd go broke in a week in this system. never heard of such a thing.


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