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  • Tam Tam Dec 10, 2013 6:24 PM Flag

    Is This Team Worst Than An Inactive Team?

    I had 2 inactive teams in 10 team league and 1 selective active team.6 teams drafted and 4 autodrafted. The team I'm referencing didn't draft (auto draft)and chose to set his roster against certain teams. He was pick and choose active. Unfortunately, he made it past the first round of the playoffs. I wanted to throw him out long ago, but thought he would lose in the 1st round. It doesn't look as though he will win it all but this is fantasy football. If he happens to win it all, do I still not invite him back or should I let him defend his title? In my opinion, he is worst than the 2 inactive teams.

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    • i run a tighter league that that and replace inactive managers. However, suck for the rest of your league if he is going to win playing part of the time, means his team really is a lot better than yours. LOL

    • if you had 2 inactive teams and 1 selective active team in a 10 team league. looks like you've got more problems than just if this one team wins it all. commish needs to set the rules before the season starts and take care of biz during the season. I say commish did nothing during the season so if this guy wins, let him defend his title. hell, let him back in. no rules were broken due to no rules it seems. lesson learned. be a more decisive commish in the future and not wait to the playoffs waiting to see what happens. gl!

    • You say " I wanted to throw him out long ago". T man the same exact same thing happened to me in my Regular League last year. Once GM had a habit of going AWOL for weeks on end, no response to emails or smack talk. Then play a week and Poof again. He ended up winning it all. I laid the law down last year and ANY GM who didn't set a viable roster or who wasn't active would get one week to get it together or be replaced the second week. And any week they rostered IR or BYE week players they would receive NO Points. thus virtually eliminating them from play off. It worked very well this year when one long established GM went missing. He was replaced but the team never recovered. A second GM went AWOL and it was easy to keep him out of the 8 spots in a 10 team league. And NO That GM was not invited back.
      Next time you "want to throw them out, do it. It's easy to replace them. Just an email and poof.

      But I don't agree with setting a roster for them. Slippery slope. Bad Jujuj. Anyway take a lesson from me, implement some rules NOW, for next year. Good Luck.

    • Dang, you really painted yourself into a corner with this guy. For this year, the horses are already out of the barn - it's too late to do anything about it. But for next year, since it's your league - you're ultimately the one that must decide if the manager like this is worth your hassle. I suppose the politically correct thing to do would be to send a letter to the league and inform them that there will be some major changes next year. Specifically point out that teams are expected to submit their best lineup each and every week (you may even institute a 3-strike policy) and you will be watching them closely (don't you LOVE babysitting adults?). If the manager in question is invited back, they will have to follow the rules like everyone else or suffer the consequences. In retrospect, based upon your verbiage and tone - I would have probably warned, then booted the manager in question. When you mentioned "thought he would lose in the 1st round", this was a mistake in my eyes - lesson learned. Good luck.


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