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  • Patrick Patrick Dec 3, 2013 6:07 PM Flag

    divisonal playoffs help

    Here is my problem. Im commishing a 10 team two divison league, i want/thought the playoff bracket would be the top three teams move on divison leaders get first round bye in a three week playoff. The divison leaders did get first round byes but the top three teams from each divison did not make the playoffs the best records moved on instead. why would i have divisons if i wanted best record? need help to fix this and switch teams around

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    • Division winners, get bye, the others are wildcard teams. If your league knew the format of top 3 in each division making it, then you can go back and adjust games to get the teams you want in. If you didn't explain who makes the playoffs to the other teams, don't make any adjustments and let it play out. Last thing you want to do is change something and knock a team out of the playoffs if they never knew the format you had in mind.

    • Divisions are simply in place to allow some teams to get first-round byes. This is fantasy football, not real-life AFC/NFC type seeding. After the division winners, each team should be selected to the playoffs following Wildcard format.

      There is no need or fairness to having 3 teams from each division make the playoffs, especially considering the divisional placement of teams are completely random yet all teams play one another at least once.

      If you do want to change your settings, I STRONGLY suggest you either A) Ask your league to vote on the change you propose or B) Change it NEXT year.

      A commish of mine and "friend" just pulled this on me yesterday. My 7-6 team finished in 6th, but he modified the playoff schedule so that I am in the consolation bracket and his brother's 6-7 team is in the winner's bracket. His excuse was that we needed to have 3 teams from each division, but that is never the default setting.

      And changing (or even announcing) the rules AFTER the playoffs were decided is as low as you could get

      Good luck!

    • See the divisions playoff formats here:




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