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  • Jim G Jim G Nov 26, 2013 6:34 PM Flag

    To "Cheating" Commissioners disappointed owners

    A lot of chatter about this at this time of year, as usual. Not much anyone can do. I have never read anything from YAHOO about what, if anything, they do about this problem.

    I have been in leagues with "dumb" Commishs, but fortunately, never in one with a Cheat.

    Only a few things come to mind that I can offer; 1) join a private league where you know some folks who can give you a thumbs up about their league. 2) next year, read these posts prior to the season. Join a private league that has been in existence for a few years that needs a couple of new folks to fill out their league. 3) do not join a YAHOO "public" league. 4) do not join a new private league (you might get stuck in the same position you find yourself now). None of these are a guarantee, but it is better than being blind.

    And for all the little squabs who, as a Commish, have to cheat (& you know who you are) to "succeed", I can only say that you must have a pathetic real world existence if you have to stoop to being a fraud in this silly little world of FF. The honest folks here in FF have no empathy for you.

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