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  • Jim G Jim G Nov 20, 2013 8:57 PM Flag

    Need Help From Experienced Keeper Commish

    I am an experienced Commish/player. But I have never been in a Keeper League.

    I recently joined a league that is supposed to be a Keeper League. I have offered to help the Commish so he granted me Co-Commish authority.

    After trolling through everything & reading YAHOO help pages, I am frustrated.

    1) Is there anywhere, including in the Commish Tools section, that will confirm whether the League is a Keeper League? That would be a big help.

    2) If I find that the league was not set up prior to the draft as a Keeper League, which I believe is the first step (remember, I just joined this league a week ago), then how do we make this league a Keeper League for next season? We do want to keep players from this season.

    3) Finally, what other “gotchas” or “helpful hints” involving a Keeper League should I be aware of?

    Thanks from an admittedly “Keeper Ignorant” person. I appreciate any input.

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    • it's not that hard and can be done several different ways. i'll try to make it simple for you:

      1. you can designate the league as keeper when you set up the league next year. it's not mandatory you do this. it can be done on the league message board for everyone to claim keepers and the commish to load them. if you designate keeper option through yahoo settings, then tell yahoo how many keepers each team can keep. then the managers go to their team page and claim keepers. when that's confirmed by commish, yahoo will load the keepers for you.

      2. set up how many keepers are to be kept ASAP so managers can plan for next season NOW. nothing more to do now.

      3. be sure you have all rules in writing! and.... think of all the glitches that can happen to keep the league a bit fair. many ways to set up keeper leagues so do what's best for the league. notice I said league. I've found over the last decade of running keeper leagues, it's a good idea to have managers' inputs into the league format because you want them to stay for years to come and not have dead teams. always make it clear that everyone MUST stay active all season long and define what you mean, in writing, of what active means. gl!

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      • Hey Dee,

        Thanks for the information. It is appreciated. The league is already in agreement on the number of players to keep, so at least we got that correct.

        So if I understand, we set up Keeper status with YAHOO after we renew the league next year. Then, prior to the draft, each owner goes to his team page and claims his keepers. The Commish signs off on and YAHOO does the rest of the work.

        One final question; can the Commish designate to YAHOO where in the draft order the kept players are placed? Or, for example, if I kept 3 players, does YAHOO automatically designate them as my first 3 “draft” picks?

        Thanks again.


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