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  • dozer dozer Oct 30, 2013 2:04 PM Flag

    1 mgr, 2 teams. thoughts?

    I commish a not-so-serious league involving my GF's family and cousins. We each paid $25 and the winner will get most of the money. I'm pretty sure one of the managers in my league has two teams: the one he paid for and manages, and the one that is supposedly his brother's team.

    It's not a big deal, but it rubs me the wrong way because I'm a competitive person. All dues are paid and he's not trading back and forth between the teams. It probably just bothers me because he thinks he's pullin one over on the rest of us.

    Just a rant I guess. Any opinions on this?

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    • Keywords: Girl Friends family. Step lightly! When is your trading deadline? What place are the teams in? Since they haven't done anything shady he may just be trying to hedge his bets by playing two teams. Agreed, outside of the understood rules, but no harm no foul. You don't want to start a family fight. Maybe invite this so called brother to dinner and let the guy squirm. Ask for a phone # so you can invite him yourself. Have Fun!

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      • Exactly why I havent said anything about it. Both the brothers are pretty volatile. and I'm sure he just has two teams to increase his chances of winning. I jokingly mention it to my gf every now and then. The team I know is his is in 9th, just below my 8th place team. His brother, who I know is not into football (especially not enough to set up 2-3 waiver claims each week), is in 1st place. I will see both of them on Thanksgiving and would love to call them out on it - "could you pass the gravy?...btw what's the name of the RB you just picked up?"


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