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  • Jonathan S Jonathan S Oct 29, 2013 3:12 PM Flag

    Easy way for commissioners to cheat with no one knowing it

    Under "commish tools" if you click "edit player waiver dates," you can see everyone who's been claimed by anyone in the league. If you're planning to claim multiple players off waivers yourself, it's cheating just by looking at it.

    Example: say you're trying to pick up a breakout stud RB but you also need a bye week kicker. Normally you'd make the RB your top priority. But if you're the commish and you can see that someone else is already claiming the kicker, but no one's claiming the RB, then you can sneakily switch the priority and no one will have any way of knowing. You can cheat without editing the waiver dates at all.

    Am I advocating this? No. Just pointing it out. Not sure if there's any way this problem could be fixed on Yahoo's part.

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