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  • Jeffrey Jeffrey Oct 26, 2013 12:01 PM Flag

    Manager filed complaint about trade... what to do?

    I am the comish of a 8 team league. PPR. A trade was proposed:
    Team A: Tom Brady and Percy Harvin for Team B:Tony Romo

    A manger filed a complaint regarding the trade to me and it is set on comish control for trade reviews. Since it is not on league votes I thought about asking all the managers in the league to vote on the trade if they felt it was fair or not. I have never been a comish before and was thinking that was the right thing to do? How does everyone else handle a trade if a manager files a complaint? Thoughts?

    Team A:
    Antonio Brown
    Terrance Williams
    Jarrett boykin
    Jordan Cameron
    Giovanni Bernard
    James Jones
    Jaquizz rodgers

    Team B:
    Demaryious Thomas
    Wes Welker
    Josh Gordon
    Knowshon Moreno
    Fred Jackson
    Julius Thomas
    Brandon Marshall
    Cam Newton
    Jordan Reed
    Cecil Shorts

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    • You can't hold this up. Let it go. Trading should be a fun part of the league and encouraged. This isn't so lopsided to cause any concern. However, I do think the guy that is trading Brady away is not smart. The Pats were clicking on all cylinders last week and I think there is more to come.
      I'm guessing they are doing it because of the Pats bye week.

    • Let's not overlook this is an 8 Team League! Trading! In an 8 team league! I wouldn't do anything to deter further trading I would only encourage it. And the point is this isn't cheating. All players have value. The value is in the mind of the traders, not a biased outside observer. Let em play!

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      • if you give in to one manager complaining about anything, then you've lost your league as leader/commish because everyone else will start complaining. take the bull by the balls..er...horns and do what you as commish thinks is best. if not, then next time use league votes as the option. gl!

    • Hey Jeffrey,

      You got a lot of good responses here,

      My opinion is this; your are the Commish. Take charge. If there is no cheating and/or collusion (the dirty word this year in FF), then let your owners be owners. That is why they play this silly game. Allow them to indulge in their "Fantasy".

      John G. does bring up a point in his (long) diatribe. Don't NEVER change the rules after the horses start to run. Doing that starts a cancer that spreads & that cannot be stopped.

      For the 1st (& last, I hope) time, I am involved with that situation. In one league, our Commish has started to change rules (playoffs, trades, etc.) that have destroyed a really fun league. It has become the un-funnest experience i have had in FF. I even asked the Commish to "lock" me out.

      Short answer; be the Commish. Communicate to your league about your decisions, thoughts, and plans. Ask for input from your owners. Encourage Smack. Answer any inquiry. Respond to league posts. You are the boss - lead your troops. They only just want to have some fun!

    • a few years ago I set up our league to league vote on trades in a 12 team league and it only took 4 votes to kill it. Problem is the voting is anonymous. So if you were the #1 team and saw the #2 and #3 trading each other and each team is getting better you could vote no. Or if your opponent next week was getting AP you could vote no. Anyway after everyone got a trade vetoed no trades went thru. So what I did is I set it to commissioner approved but with league voting actually ruling the trades. I figure in a 12 team league minus the two involved in the trade it leaves 10 teams affected by it so it takes 5 votes to veto a trade. If you can't convince half the league its fair it is a no go. So I set the trade time to 3 days giving all parties ample time to view it. After a trade is proposed I post it under topics(where the votes are posted), email the league, and post it on each matchup page for maximum visibility. Since then I have not had any issues. You could do the same thing but say 3 no votes kill any trades. Having to put your name and reason why on a no vote makes for more honest and open transactions.

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      • I would have deemed that all votes are public. If you think a trade is unfair why not say so publicly? Are your managers not adults? What are the managers afraid of? I question anyone's motives who votes down something anonymously. Its cowardly and in my opinion being rendered with an agenda. Maybe based more on being against an opponent bettering their team and not on the fairness of the trade itself. If a manager has the balls to vote something down they should also have the balls to stand by their decision and justify it. In my opinion those who hide anonymously do so because they cant make an argument in defense of what they voted on. Anonymous voting only leads to more trades be voted down thus making the league more boring. How long will the league last? How much turnover will you go through? Stability only occurs in fair transparent leagues.

    • 'it is set on comish control for trade reviews', period, end of discussion. No need to ask anyone else.

    • Simple, if you think the teams are cheating, veto.. if you think it was honest on both teams to improve, let it go. Looks like an honest trade to me. It is not your job to rate trades for winners or losers, just if the trade was not cheating or collusion. Hope that helped.

    • The most basic and important rule of being a good commissioner is to be honest and fair. The 2nd most important rule is to not start making changes to rules that you established before the season got started...which in this case translates to: don't start allowing the owners to decided trade disputes. You decided it was best for you to have the final say in this aspect of the game and you can't allow the pressure of one owner or ten owners sway you. Listen to the owner with the complaint, and if you feel he has a good enough case to persuade you to veto the trade, do so. If not...let it stand. From several years of experience as a commissioner, I assure you that there are owners who will absolutely walk on you if you allow them. I don't like trade approval, period...whether it be from the commish or a league vote. Far too often (in that, most of the time) determining what is fair or unfair is such a subjective decision that it's all but impossible. There's no chart...no formula that gives you a definitive answer for any trade. In our home league, we let every trade go through unless there's ample evidence that shows there is a case of collusion...which has never happened over the course of many years. Owners trade whoever they wish...for whoever they wish, like adults should be allowed to do. If someone gets screwed because they don't know player value...it's their problem for not doing their research. As well...if someone screws someone...it's a completely unwritten rule, but owners just don't do business with that owner. When you allow league votes on trades, not only is there the problem with determining fairness...but there's often the problem of owners vetoing a trade, NOT BECAUSE IT'S UNFAIR....but because they feel it might help someone else ...beside them. Eliminating trade approval has eliminated 99% of the arguments in our league.

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      • I'm a bit curious as to this whole, all trades go no matter what mentality. I mean if you see a blatantly bad lopsided trade that you know is probable collusion but you can't technically prove it because no one comes out and says it's collusion then it's just cool, no big deal? In your case you say no one does anymore deals with them, but the damage is already done probably for this season if they're able to get over on a lopsided trade.

        In cases like that it's probably not only just screwing over one team who doesn't care that they're being taken advantage of, it's likely screwing over some of the rest of the league as well because of that one person who either doesn't care or is uninformed.

        I get letting people do their own thing, make your moves etc. It's not the commissioners job ultimately to make other people's decisions but I do think it is the commissioners job to make sure lopsided trades don't go on. Personally I don't think trades have to be completely even, as I don't think that's possible necessarily but I think when I view a trade I need to be able to see that it helps both teams, not just one team fleecing the other.

      • p.s. - please forgive all the typos...writing in too much of a hurry!


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