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  • Charles Charles Oct 4, 2013 5:52 PM Flag


    A QB trade in my league between 2 managers living in the same house. Is this considered fair play? No other manager has done this; they have gone to the FA rooster to get better players.

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    • Not if it's a fair trade. Also, make sure they don't trade back.....then it's Collusion and we're turning them into "The League"!

    • So when you set the league with two people in the same house, you thought it was understood that everyone could make trades but them? You can trade with either of them? Anyone else can trade with anyone? Why didn't you post the trade here? Was it too fair? I bet they are more upset with you right now than you are with them. And they think that you are ruining the league with this.

    • why would two managers living in the same house have ANYTHING to do with ANYTHING?

    • Nothing wrong with it if the trade is reasonable.

    • I've got no problems with 2 managers who are family, friends, or whatever making a trade(s). I wouldn't consider that collusion. But it does depend on which quarterbacks are being traded. The only thing that I'd say to be careful of is making sure that they don't trade these players back after one week. That type of trade should be shut down immediately.

    • Hey Charles - I don't think it is against YAHOO's rules that people in the same abode cannot play in the same league. But for the sake of debate, what players were involved in the trade? Also, are you the Commish in the league? If so, do you have veto power or does the league vote on trades? Thanks for clarifying this.

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      • OK Jim, here goes the QB trade scenario for week 5: Wife has Rodgers playing with Matt Ryan on the bench. Husband has Griffin III on a bye week with Flacco on the bench. Wife trades Ryan to husband so that Griffin can play on week 5 and most likely boost his points for the week. On its face it's legal but isn't that collusion? Am I over reacting?!?! I will not be surprised if they trade back later in the season. P.S. I am not the league commish, just another manager. IMHO, I am not ruining anything, they are!!

      • making trades from the same house (or even same computer) doesn't constitute collusion in and of itself. if they continue and one team is obviously tanking due to the trades, then that needs to be addressed in some manner. the way I did that is to have as one of my league rules that each manager must try their best to better their team or not be invited back. gl!


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