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    Owner drafts 2 QB's in early rounds for trade bait?

    I have a commissioner reviews option in my league. The guy that drafted behind me in our snake draft, took Brees #2 and then Peyton #3 in back to back rounds. Screwing me outta Manning in the process. He said that he did that to dangle one of them as trade bait. He plays me this week and he tried to trade Brees for Julio Jones and Joique Bell with another team that already has Cam Newton & Michael Vick. Both teams are already loaded. I vetoed the trade and called BS on it. He flipped out saying I'm unfair and he has the right to draft and trade as he sees fit and I'm just mad that he took Manning away from me. Which is true, but I have the right to veto trades for the betterment of my team and league too, right? Does anyone out there think that I'm shady or justified for this?...I need some opinions from other Comissioners. I think it was very presumptuous to draft that way, screw me over and then expect me to have his back, so he can run the score up on the rest of the league.... gimme some feedback please.

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    • "but I have the right to veto trades for the betterment of my team and league too, right? ". Completely wrong. Sorry dude but how an individual trade affects your team is irrelevent if you're the commissioner. Like he said, he's free to draft anyway he likes. By loading up on Qb's he would have left himself weak in other areas and allowed elite players at other positions to pass him by. It's up to other players to take advantage of that. It's a completely fair trade and by vetoing it to help yourself you are basically cheating.

    • Nothing wrong with that trade. Like you said... you're just mad that he "took" Manning away from you.
      Are you only going to approve the trade of Peyton Manning when he is traded to your team?????

    • I believe you have to look at the trade individually and whether or not they are trading equal players regardless of whom is on their roster. I'd approve the trade. However, I would not let them trade those players back the next week if that is attempted.


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