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  • Charlie Boyd Charlie Boyd Sep 19, 2013 7:06 PM Flag

    Rate this trade - is it relatively equal?


    Please gauge this trade, weigh in on if it's relatively beneficial to both.

    Player 1

    Has Matt Ryan as his starter and Jay Cutler/Matt Stafford on the bench and at RB Adrian Peterson / David Wilson with zero RBs on his bench.

    Player 2

    Has Cam Newton as QB starter and Tannehill as backup. Has Trent Richardson / Jamaal Charles as RB starters and Demarco Murray and Joique Bell on the bench.

    Player 1 trades Adrian Peterson & Matt Stafford for Jamaal Charles & Trent Richardson. Player 1 gets an overall RB upgrade while Player 2 gets a QB upgrade and Adrian Peterson & Murray / Bell as his RB combo.

    Using default Yahoo Fantasy rules more or less.


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    • Charlie, I usually don't comment on trades, but my cable is screwing up THU nite football, & your trade is interesting. My opinion - if I was player 2, I would do it in a heart beat. Any day you can get AP is a good day! If I was player 1, I would wonder what the heck I was smoking when I drafted 3 QBs on my team. And player 2 gets Stafford. In my opinion, team 1 gets a grade A- (Jamaal) & C (Trent) for a grade A+ (AP) & B (maybe an A- in FF) in Stafford. Heck, it's just fantasy, but I hope you are player 2! Good hunting!

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      • Thanks for the feedback Jim. I am indeed "Player 1". I only drafted 2 QBs, Ryan and Stafford. I picked up Cutler yesterday from free agency in preparation of the Stafford trade. The rest of my team is Dez Bryant / Julio Jones at WR, Jermichael Finley at TE and Jordy Nelson at my TE/WR/RB flex spot. At RB I have Adrian Peterson as you know as well as David Wilson. I also had Shane Vereen but unfortunately he went out Week 1 with an injury. I did draft very thin at RB, but had AP and a solid core at the rest of my spots. With Vereen out and Wilson a bust (so far) I was considering unloading Stafford (my backup - Cutler will do when Ryan is on BYE) and AP for Charles / Richardson.

        Now that you have a bit more background - still feeling like this trade is no good for me and I should remain as I am now?


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