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  • Castellini Castellini Sep 13, 2013 11:41 AM Flag

    A real problem and need input on this!?!?!?!

    I am the commish of a 12 man keeper league that keeps 4. This is our 4th year as a league and have ran into a problem I have never experienced before.

    After week 1, a disgruntled owner after a loss put his entire team on the block (which includes players like Jamal Charles, Tom Brady, Gronk, DeMarco Murray, etc...) and has notified the league that any of these players can be had for 1st and 2nd rd picks for next year.

    Smelling blood in the water, owners have jumped at this rare opportunity to significantly upgrade their team without giving up any real value this year. As background, there is no rule against this as I never saw a need to make a rule about selling off your team after 1 week (who does that???). The owner that is doing this has paid his dues but other owners feel this will have a huge impact on how the season plays out.

    How would some of you go about handling this? One guy already traded his 1st rd pick for DeMarco Murray but the trade was voted down, setting in force a full blown fantasy dilema..


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    • I don't know if you've already solved this, but I have a keeper league where we ACTUALLY DO this. It's called "a great keeper league strategy" or "sucking for Luck". You can't hate on it.

      And you can NOT EVER allow league vetoing of trades. Every league member will use the veto as a tool and weapon just because they didn't have the guts to offer up a 1st round pick for a premiere player to help them win the league this year. Every trade should ALWAYS be allowed to pass unless it's obvious collusion, but trading 1st round picks next year for a player today is a COMPLETELY FAIR strategy.

      Change your league to Commish veto only and allow all trades to process. Just make sure that all owners understand THEY BETTER be back next year. It's a pain in the butt trying to get someone to take over a team without a 1st round pick. Then finally, educate your quitter commish that if you keep 4 players then a first round pick is basically 5th round talent, and he better understand that going into the next season his keepers will be guys like Torrey Smith when other teams have guys like Calvin Johnson.

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      • I think league vetos are a good idea. They block not only collusion but also the entire competitive balance being ruined by one person's incompetence.

        If someone saw that Boldin had a huge first week and therefore traded Megatron for him, it is totally legit for the rest of the league to decide that they don't want to give the Boldin owner a free league championship just because one of the other managers is an idiot.

    • Most importantly, unless you made some sort of rule against this, you have no right to lock this manager out or eliminate him from your league or whatever like these others are suggesting.

      You created a long-term league. Playing a long-term strategy is legitimate. This guy isn't just trading away talent for nothing.

      This isn't that different from trading for a guy like Bell in a one-year league. You know you're getting nothing right now, but you're hopefully getting a win down the road.

    • What is wrong with blowing up and stocking up for next year?

      That said, the manager in question seems to be doing so in a stupid way (he should want to hang onto his long-term top 4).

      But this is a great place for league approval to come into play. If your league feels this is unfair, they'll block it from happening. If they don't, they won#$%$ simple. You don't even have to get involved.

    • Lock him out. Reverse any trades processed. Cancel any pending trades. Find a replacement immediately. If one not found before Thursday, advise the League the team will play with the best projected roster each week until a replacement manager is found.

      You are the Commish. It is your League. Don't put up with the BS.

      Just my honest opinion...

      Honest Scott

      Manager of multiple teams, including Forsett Indy Bush, Vagiant Monologues, Porcine Epidermises and 101 Way to Wok a Dog, amongst others.

    • This is really very simple. Never make a league with "trades approved by league votes" = always set to "must be approved by commissioner". Then if a trade is submitted that you feel is unbalanced, have both participants explain (on the message board) why they both want the trade. Then you decide to approve or deny the trade, based on the explanations given (and feedback from other managers, etc.)

      However, trading current players for draft picks is certainly a viable strategy in a keeper league. It sounds like you may want to decide upon some limits (such as each team is limited to a total of X trades involving draft picks from next year, or something similar) but it would be dumb to not allow trading draft picks - that decision would be enough to make me never want to play in your keeper league again

      I really do like the suggestion below about making all managers involved in trading draft picks next year prepay the league fees for next year. That should provide the needed checks/balances

    • In my dynasty leagues i pretty much allow all trades, they paid to do what ever they see fit with there team, but in your case i would have the manager pay next seasons dues now because it going to be hard to find a new owner if he de pleats his team and you don't think he will be coming back.

    • Lock his team down and replace him now! You cant have any tolerance for temper tantrums - Keep his dues, he broke the rules - all trades must be made to improve your team.

    • I would place the disgruntled player's team on lockdown and discuss it with the other players of how to handle the situation. Worse come to worse nobody gets the players on the block and when you play the disgruntled coaches you get a free win unless you can set up his line up the best you can each week.

    • Whats the problem? Your settings allow draft pick trading. You should expect something like this to happen.
      On a side note... whoever offered a 1st round pick for Murray is pretty dumb... or just planning on not coming back next year.
      Sorry for more "mindless drivel" but I agree with the chemist

    • "other owners feel this will have a huge impact on how the season plays out"
      Clearly your other owners feel draft pick trading is stupid as well

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