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    Muffed Return Scoring


    There is a major debate in my league right now about how to handle a #$%$ed return (i.e. Wes Welker's in tonight's game). The debate is that basically, that's a giant screw up, but it doesn't count against anyone and most of my league feels like it should. General consensus is that it should count against both the individual (Welker) and the D/ST (Broncos).
    1) A #$%$ed return has as much, if not more, of a damaging effect as a fumble.
    2) A return for a TD would result in points for both the individual and the D/ST so a fumble should as well.
    3) Possession and the difference between a fumble#$%$ is moot because a fumble results due to (in most cases) a defender knocking the ball lose. That is not an option on a #$%$. If anything the #$%$ fair catch is more damning for the individual because they are the only ones to blame.

    1) The individual player gets return yards (in some leagues) but the D/ST doesn't get that.
    2) We don't penalize a D/ST for a blocked kick but that has the same effect as a fumble.
    3) None of the fantasy providers (Yahoo, ESPN, NFL) have an option like this built in so it falls on the duty of the commissioner to manually adjust it every time which leaves human error.

    To the majority in my group it seems like we need to, for future seasons, have options to:
    1) Deduct points for #$%$ed returns
    2) Provide D/ST with return yards
    3) Penalize D/ST for blocked kicks.

    It's all in the interest of consistency and right now that's lacking.

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    • Everyone is missing a key detail. On Yahoo... there is no D/ST... only DEF

    • "The debate is that basically, that's a giant screw up, but it doesn't count against anyone and most of my league feels like it should." it does in fact count against someone... Welker was charged with a fumble lost.
      Your suggestion to charge the D/ST with a lost fumble is ridiculous. That's NOT an option, and never should be.

    • It is what it is

    • D/ST get awarded points for blocking kicks. Kickers get deducted for missing them.
      You CAN provide D/ST with return yards if you want to.
      Points ARE deducted for muffed returns... as seen last night when Welker was charged a fumble.

      Why would you penalize a team for a fumble? Thats just silly

    • We're all clicking the same link to get here right? "Commissioner Corner - Discuss running a league, game settings, settling disputes, and other fantasy football Commissioner issues."

      Even though it appears as though you're intimidated by my less than complex vocabulary I think we all know the definitions of the above quoted words. Which indicates this is a message board for exactly the type of post I've placed here. Trolls.

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      • Scott, I'm sorry you had some of the stupidest people on these message boards sounding off instead of helping you.

        They should stick to smashing things with rocks instead of trying to type with keyboards and create coherent thoughts. You posted in the right spot.

        Yes, the fumble should count against Welker, but your league settings having it set that Welker is a member of the Broncos special teams in that scenario and NOT an individual player.

        You can create the league settings so that the mishandled (it blocked out your word because it sounds like slang for something else) punt is considered a fumble.

        In my league, we don't have special teams, everything is awarded solely to the individual player. That means that Welker's return yards ONLY benefit him and NOT the Broncos STs, but that also means that fumble ONLY affects Welker and not the Broncos Defense (which is effectively what it became in my league, it no longer has special teams value).

        So Long story short, TLDR, No, you can't have this negatively affect Welker with your league settings and negatively affect Broncos special teams. You need to chose one or the other.

    • Figure it out for yourself. I'm not sure why you'd think anyone, much less a group of strangers would want to try to untangle your mesi If you're the Commissioner of this league, I'd suggest you get a grip on your league and talk to them...not us. Your rules and setting should be in place before the first kick off so that there are no debates.

    • I stopped reading after Debate. It is what it is and the same for everyone. Just play the game stop trying to micromanage.


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