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  • Len Len Aug 28, 2013 7:06 AM Flag

    Odd Number of Teams in League

    I am the commissioner of a league that drafts Thursday and some people I have invited are being iffy, stating that they will try to join, or not sure, etc. I also expect some people to join at the last moment as well. I currently have an even number of teams, but it may end up being an odd number.

    1) If necessary, can I create another team in my league with my Yahoo profile, or would I have to create another one?

    2) Would I be able to draft for both teams (my main one and "dummy") at the same time during the draft?

    3) For Dummy team should I just let the computer auto pick (which will affect the league and snag potentially good players from the other "Human" players) or deliberately draft the worst (or injured/non-playing) players so that when everyone plays the "Dummy" team it will essentially result in a win?

    Thanks for the help

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    • Actually you can make two teams per account. There is a setting in the commish tools section to make that allowed. You could set that teams predraft rankings to not draft the top 300 or so yahoo players. Then you just name that team BYE and don't do anything. Although this would not work unless all teams play the BYE team the same number of times. It would be better to have someone who will
      Play but doesn't care if they do or not to sign up last minute if there is an odd number of teams.

    • 1. You cannot make two teams with one account, you would need to make a second account.

      2. As you cannot sign in to two accounts in a single browser session, you would either have to switch profiles between picks, or (more-easily) use a second browser and just Alt+Tab to the other browser when the other team needs to pick.

    • Ah...the beauty of playing in a 'points' league. You don't have to depend on having an even number of owners, and...the most skilled owner usually wins, not the luckiest.