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  • Kyle Kyle Aug 27, 2013 11:37 PM Flag

    Should the commissioner have vetoed this trade?

    A guy offered me Cobb, Bowe, MJD for Martin
    here is my roster before trade

    bench - mal. floyd, sid rice, st. johnson, A. Brown, B. Brown

    After trade


    bench - st. johnson, A. Brown, B. Brown, dmc/bowe/cobb

    was the commissioner right for vetoeing this trade. The guy who offered the trade to me e-mailed the commissioner and said he was drunk, at 11 this morning, when he made the trade offer. What are your thoughts.

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    • Your a criminal to take advantage of that rube with the trade. Commissioner was right to do it.

    • 3 for 1 trades are tough because you are dropping 2 players and the other person needs to pick them up.
      So essentially your trade was more, Martin, Sid Rice, Mal Floyd (Not sure where Thompkins went) for Bowe, Cobb and MJD.
      If you do it like that i think it looks fair. Unless there are better players on waivers than the 3 for 1 may be ok as well.
      I dont think i would veto this at all, but we moved to a 3 man commish for trades and they require 2\3 vote.

    • I cant believe the trade was vetoed and its even more absurd that people on this board would support the veto

      MJD coming off a lis franc playing for one of the worst offenses in the nfl and 2 number 2 WR,s for a top 3 RB
      I would prefer to be on the side receiving Martin and play wr roulette each week

      Manage your own dam team

    • yes. i think you know that.

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      • I don't veto many trades, I actually can't remember even one. But that one would get the ole axe in an instant. One of the responsibilities of the Commish is to see that someone doesn't get taken advantage of, even if he brings it upon himself. Counter with a 2 for one and see if it flies. Bowe and MJD maybe. I don't buy the hype of either of those.

      • The guy sent me a message and told me that he really wanted Martin, and in fact didn't think I would even accept the offer. I did not send this offer to him. So, the commissioner should veto a trade because the other guy is an idiot? And no, the guy is not a friend of mine. I don't even know who the guy that offered me the trade is.


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