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  • tamarad tamarad Aug 24, 2013 5:06 PM Flag

    IDP AND team defense?

    I am new to these message boards, but I have been a commissioner in my 10 team league for 4 years. Is it acceptable to have a team defense position AND 3 IDP positions (1flex D, 1DL, 1DB)? I have done it this way for 3 years, and now I am doubting this set-up. I'd love your feedback.

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    • It's really a matter of choice. I commission multiple leagues and i use both systems. I add the D/ST to mix it up and add a roster position just to be different. If I use strictly IDP's I definitely use more than just 3 positions otherwise what's the point. It's a matter of personal taste. You can score each differently so i don't see the big deal using both.

    • Well, in general, the IDP roster IS the team defense. Most IDP leagues do not also have a team defense (or should not). But in your case, since you only have 3 IDPs, it's probably ok.

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      • That's actually not true. I've had a hard time finding a league, in part, because people who do IDPs (which I want) are also having a team defense in the starting lineup (sometimes 2), which I think is weird. I think it's silly to have the potential to award your defense twice for something (if you have a team defense with one or more of your IDPs on it).


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