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  • Toni Toni Aug 23, 2013 4:53 PM Flag

    Co manager?

    What is the role of a co manager and how does it affect the rest of the league?

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    • I'll assume that you mean 'co-commissioner'...not "co-managers". This setup can be helpful in several ways. If the commissioner is out of town, working late, ill...or whatever situation that could come up that prevents him/her from performing their duties, you have a backup. As well, if you have two trusted/respected commissioners ...when disputes arise, you have to people who can discuss solutions and hopefully, a more balanced perspective will come from it. I've found that this makes owners feel more of an assurance that there isn't a one-man dictatorship in place.

    • I was a co-manager once and it is just that - two people managing one team. My friend had too many teams and so he invited me to co-manage one. I basically did the all the work but he still had access to see the league and make changes as well. Doesn't really affect the other league teams at all. Hope that helps.


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