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  • JJ JJ Aug 21, 2013 9:37 PM Flag

    Keeper Costs

    Hey guys so I been running a keeper league for the past 4-5 years now. We are now keeping 6 but probably will be scaling back next year. I'd love to implement costs. I was reading through a Yahoo page on applying costs and why and tenure, just a bunch of keeper type things.
    How do you all run a league like this? We draft on Sunday and as I said keepers are placed so is it too late to add cost? Should I do it earlier before teams pick their keepers? Also how do you do this player and team tenure thing?
    thanks guys!

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    • also...

      Oh on a side note I place the keepers at the end of our draft. Usually you dont see players on your team page till after the draft but Im seeing them now. Is this just new or is some thing messed up? In the say...9 years Ive used yahoo it has never show players at this point before, only after the draft. Usually you see a draft count down and a edit your pre draft....but not any more! Ideas?
      thanks guys!


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