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  • adam adam Aug 19, 2013 9:56 PM Flag

    Manager looking for active league

    Im a decent manager (3rd out of 10 the last 3 teams i managed, and i only do one team a year) and enjoy being in a league that will actually make moves when needed, and isnt stupid and sits on 4 qbs and wont trade them all year.. Isnt stupid about making trades (such as thinking you need 2 top 10 players to trade your top 5 player, or something)

    I wont ever abandon a team, i did once in 06, but that was because i got screwed over in a trade, cant even remember what it was now, but im pretty sure i just accidently clicked accept instead of reject to a totally ridiculous trade and no one was willing to vote to stop it, so i lost basically my whole team..

    Id like to be in on a live draft, preferably before the weekend, at night.. And i would really like it to be a h2h keeper league, but not necissary.. Let me know, thanks guys!

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