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  • Ric Ric Aug 19, 2013 7:04 PM Flag

    Need a manager to take over keeper team

    League's been around for a while, we decided to go keeper last year. So
    this is the 1st year where we're returning and selecting keepers. (This
    is a traditional, declare keepers in the pre-season type football

    The league is IDP heavy. FR/FS
    leagues are designed to mimic the sport they represent as closely as
    possible. This is not really easy to do in football, because offensive
    linemen are not represented in fantasy football. So it's the closest thing I
    could get to resembling 11 on 11 fantasy football. You do have a full 11
    IDP, 8 offensive positions, and a kicker. There is no team defense,
    it's all about the IDP's.

    We are keeping 8 to start this year (4
    O, 4 D each) and increasing to 10 (5/5) next year, then capping at 12
    (6/6) the next year and beyond.

    You'd have to keep 4 offense and 4 IDP from this roster:

    Jamaal Charles
    Randall Cobb
    Pierre Garcon
    Jimmy Graham
    BenJarvus Green-Ellis
    Stevie Johnson
    James Jones
    Brandon Lloyd
    Jeremy Maclin
    Ryan Mathews
    Trent Richardson
    Aaron Rodgers
    DeAngelo Williams
    Titus Young

    Jared Allen
    Nolan Carroll
    Jo-Lonn Dunbar
    Chandler Jones
    Luke Kuechly
    Jerod Mayo
    Von Miller
    Terence Newman
    Patrick Peterson
    Justin Smith
    Will Smith
    Earl Thomas
    Eric Weddle
    Madieu Williams
    Kamerion Wimbley

    Let me know if you're interested, thanks.

    marleyjams hotmail

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