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  • John G John G Aug 8, 2013 11:22 PM Flag

    14-20 Team Leagues???

    I'm all in favor of people playing this game in any format they choose, but I've never understood why anyone would want to play in leagues with 14-20 team leagues. The idea of game is to see who is the most skilled owner, not the luckiest...and the more teams that play in a league, the talent pool is so diluted that luck has a huge role in deciding the eventual champion. I just don't understand the appeal. Anyone care to offer their take?

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    • Austrian. You offset the fact that smaller leagues could have 'stacked' teams by adding more starting players. In large leagues with even standard rules benches (which are relatively small) there are still so many players taken that you're left with obscure and absolutely inconsistent players ...so deciding who to sit,who to start is an almost total roll of the dice. I agree that in any league...knowing your football should be the biggest deciding factor in winning. Obviously, no one can control injuries...but that aside...I think we at least agree that we at least aim for skill being the deciding factor . No...I haven't played in a 20 team league, and to be honest...the very thought of it holds no appeal whatsoever. But I'm listening....! Thanks for your input.

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      • John, you should really try playing in one, you might actually like it. The skeptics tend to be the biggest fans once they get over that initial hurdle. I just opened another league because my other one filled and I still had people that wanted in. I'd like to offer you a spot just to try it out. If you don't like the league after a week or two, I'll have someone takeover your team. I'm confident you would enjoy it though.

      • Leander, I agree that luck is always a factor no matter what type of league you play in and how much luck you try to eliminate. I'm well seasoned...no one 'out researchs' me, and I want to EARN any trophies i get. I'm up for a challenge...and that's my point. I can't see how that large things offer anything more than 'too much luck'...and not enough reward for skill.

    • I have to disagree with you. I believe you don't get the full experience of fantasy football without a larger number of teams. Luck plays more of a role in small leagues because every team will be stacked. Big leagues keep you on your toes from the start of the draft and throughout the season. You have to know your football to win. Question for you though, have you ever played in a 20 team league?

    • I couldn't agree with you more John G


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