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  • D Rob D Rob Jul 31, 2013 2:36 PM Flag

    Best WAIVERS system to use?

    My league has always used the Free Agency system. Switching over to waivers this year...Can someone give me an in depth way of how it works, and what the best Waivers system is? I know the basics, but not enough.

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    • We've always used Game time - Tuesday waivers and Weekly rolling priority based on standings. Always seemed fairest to me. (with this setting you don't have to choose a day to process waivers)

      I haven't played with FAAB yet, it might have merit in advanced leagues, but it's probably a bit much for newer players.

    • I prefer no waiver, no order, no waiting, no max transaction. A 1st come, 1st serve, free for all.

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      • I agree. This is how I had it set on our leagues when we were on the CBS site. Do you know if it's possible to have all unowned players as Free Agents, 1st come/1st serve, BUT players can only be added during certain time periods? If yes, do you know what the Settings would be? On the other site, we had it so players could not be added from Sunday morning to Tuesday morning. Thanks for your help!!!

    • Appreciate both opinions, guys. Another question, What do I select for which day to process waivers on?

      And, after Draft do I place all undrafted players on free agents or follow waiver rules?

      Can't believe I'm so new at this after being a 9 year commish, but this is the first time I haven't been in a Free Agent league.

    • The best one is Gametime waivers. All players will be free agents up until the start of their game.
      This way, when say LeSean McCoy gets carted off the field in the 2nd quarter, the first guy to his computer doesn't get to pick up Bryce Brown during the game. They will instead need to place a waiver request on him.

      "continual rolling list" seems to be the standard. Whoever has the last pick in the draft will have the first waiver priority. When multiple people place a waiver claim on the same player, whoever has the lowest priority gets that player, and then they move to the back of the waiver priority list.

      Once the waiver period is over (usually 2 days) all players will be free agents and everyone can add and drop just like you normally would.

      Another waiver type I like is "continual list based on standings"
      When you use this waiver set-up, it resets each week. The team with the worst record gets #1 waiver priority, and the team with the best record is last.

    • I like the FAAB system. Everyone gets a $100 budget to spend. After the weeks games, all free agents go back on waivers until Tuesday or Wednesday when everyone bids for last weeks breakout stars. After that period, you can still make free agent pick ups up until game time for free (or the commish can #$%$ $1 per pick up)