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  • Swildman1960 Swildman1960 Jul 22, 2013 12:45 PM Flag

    draft dates

    in your guys opinion, is it to early to draft or should i wait till mid preseason, and what is advantage of drafting now?? thx all

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    • I have been running leagues for 8-10 years now and we always have a vote on when to do the draft and everyone has agreed to do it around the 3rd week or so of preseason. We do it then because we can look at injuries and maybe see who may step up, and to look at rookies. We did it a few years after the 1st week of preseason, but didn't like it because you really didn't get to look at different players to much or injuries. We decided to ours the 24th of August.

    • The only advantage to drafting now is that maybe some of your opponents players will get hurt or slid down the depth chart during the preseason, or if you get lucky on some sleeper picks before they become highly targeted players.
      The disadvantage to drafting this early is if the same thing above happens to YOUR players.
      Yes mid-preseason is the way to go. Preferably after game 3, as that is the week starters tend to play the most


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